Chapter 8. 7 years later

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 Sofia's POV

Savannah and I are 24 and married. We have 1 kid. Her name is Azra. We have a good life, we love each other and are a happy family. "Mommy!" I heard. I looked down and saw Azra with her arms stretched out. I picked her up and went over to Savannah and kissed her on the cheek. What do we do for a living? Savannah is a painter and I'm a hair stylist. Which last name did we choose? We chose hers. Now I'm Sofia Nevada. Savannah kept hers and Azra Nevada. What was my last name before? My last name was Ohana. Now, we are the Nevada family and we are proud. 

     Savannah's POV

I was just her new neighbor. Never knew she started to love me but when she told me, I realized I loved her. So what if we're lesbians? We don't care if people judge. We only care if it affects the family or if it becomes violent. 7 years later and the world got better. Everyone is treated better. We are friends and some just don't seem to see it while others defend all no matter who they are or anything. We stand together. Guess what? There's another pride parade coming soon and we're going. We've been going ever since. Yes, we did move but not that far, only a street down from where we used to. 

    Mark (Sofia's dad) POV

     Savannah's mother, Mary and I live in the house she lived in. Yes we lived together. But no, we were not married, that would be mean and rude to our daughters, since they ARE married. We are just friends. 

Sofia's POV

Azra was taking a nap so Savannah and I did some chores and just watched a movie until dinner. When it was time to make dinner, which was BBQ chicken and mashed potatoes for us and for Azra, banana baby food. After we made dinner, fed Azra, and ate. I put Azra back to sleep and Savannah and I took a shower together, did our night routines, and went to bed. 

One more thing before I sleep, be proud for who you are, no matter what. We love you. Night.

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