Chapter 4. Hell awaiting us

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Sofia's POV

     I woke up, did my routine, then Savannah did hers. We went down stairs and left. We did hold hands while walking to school. We kissed twice. We saw the bullies at the doors of the school but also teachers. The bullies were talking, while the teachers were monitoring the students walking in the building. We headed for 1st period and the day went fine till lunch.

     (Lunch time)

     I went to the cafeteria and waited for Savannah. When she got here, we got out lunch and quickly ate so we could talk more. We did, wen we got up to leave, the bullies pushed our trays in our faces. Savannah and I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. They did laugh at us, everyone did. After we got cleaned up, we continued the day but it was terrible. We got airplanes flown on our desk that said Gay bitch, faggot, stuff like that. We told the teacher and she took care of it. Savannah's mother was informed and we left school before 8th period started. 

     (at home)

We did our routines, played games, kissed, cuddled, and soon went to sleep. We only had school for 3 days so yeah. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The next two days were fillied with swimming and fun.  Saturday we relaxed and Sunday we went out to do some errands. We saw a flyer that said 'Pride Parade' and it was this Thursday. I showed Savannah and she said we might be able to go but we would have to tell her mother. I said "Let's do it." We went home, did weekend routine, and slept.

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