Origin of "Project Imperium"

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Alistair Crawford was a man filled to the brim with wanting and greed, alongside these traits he was very powerful and wealthy however this was not enough, he wanted the world in his palm and it's people on their knees. He formed a plan to have an army of superhuman soldiers that held the total power to triumph over the world's governments and their weapons.

Crawford had had a facility built on a private island owned by himself and hired a team of scientists to create his army of superhuman soldiers. The team had bioengineered a total of 286 soldiers split into 11 groups of 26 people and they are currently raising and schooling these soldiers to conquer the world, these soldiers are referred to as Imperium and all have individualized gifts.

Recently "Project Imperium" has begun to kidnap "organics" (one who has not been created on the island) to test out a new serum they plan to release into some of the most powerful countries water supply to weaken the world so that they may begin Crawford's reign. The Imperiums have not yet been introduced to this fact or of their purpose so they live in ignorant bliss thinking that organics were unnatural and that they needed to be destroyed. Until now.

A few young Imperium have found out the truth about "Project Imperium" and wish to save the organics and free the rest of the Imperium.



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