Chapter 3. Telling her My Feelings

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     Sofia's POV

     When I woke up, I did my morning routine and Savannah and I went to school. I told her that there's no rush since we live close to the school so we just walked slowly. "Hey Savannah?" I asked. "Yea?" she replied. "This might be weird, you might hate me but after the time I've gotten to know you, I've fallen in love with you." She didn't reply right away but then she said "I love you too, guess I just realize that now but isn't your dad a priest? What will he think?" She asks me. "I really don't know. We don't have to tell him right away or at all. Mainly since he's at the church mainly to help others so I don't see him often." She just nodded and stopped so I stopped. I turned to her and she kissed me. I put my arms around her neck and she put hers on my waist. After a bit, we broke the kiss. "Lets get to school before we're late." I say. She nods and we run to school. The day went awesome. We had so much fun. When we got home, we did our night routines and cuddled, not caring if her parents saw us.

     (The next morning)

     (Savannah's POV this morning

I woke up to cuddling Sofia. I smiled. After 5 minutes she woke up. She smiled at me and we both got up and did our morning routines and kissed a lot in-between things that we did. We soon headed out the door, holding hands as me walked to school. We stopped before anyone on school grounds saw us. We went to our 1st period and continued the day.

    (Lunch Time)

     I was waiting for Sofia to get her lunch, once she did we sat down and talked about us, how to tell our parents, and then just talked about random stuff. After lunch was over, we went to 6th period, which for both of us, was choir. After choir class, we went to 7th and 8th period, the last two classes of the day.

     (Walking back home)

Sofia's POV

     Walking back to Savannah's house, we heard laughter. Yes, we were holding hands. Savannah mumbled an 'oh no.' I looked behind to see MacKenzie and her gang. "What's going on here? Some lesbian shit?" she started laughing. "wait till I tell the whole school. Lets see how they react." She pushed us on the sidewalk and walked passed us. We got up making sure each other were okay and continued walking. When we got to her house, she told her mother what happened but didn't say exactly what MacKenzie said. She said that she'll take care of it. We went upstairs, did our routines, and went to bed. Awaiting for the hell tomorrow.

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