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I watch as Tami bites her lip looking at her phone. I'm guessing her parents had said they wouldn't be back for a whole once again. Smiling as an idea popped in my head and I sent a text to mum letting her know what I'm gonna try. Hopefully it might trigger a memory. I quickly head into the kitchen before coming out with 2 hot drinks.

"Hey. You okay?" She nods her head and place her phone down and sit on the bed awkwardly. I smile passing her a cup of hot cocoa. "Here, its also got melted marshmallows in it."

"Thanks." She mumbles

"You probably don't want to stay here but you can't stay at home by yourself. Mum said its fine for you to stay till they come back."

"My parents are never there anyway..." she mumbles. I smile sadly and sit on the desk chair.

Putting on a small smile, hoping she wouldn't feel uncomfortable I lean back into my chair.

"Hey, wanna play video games?" I asked, drinking my coco. She narrowed her eyes at me.

"Why?" I shrug.

"Cause I just thought you might want to do something?" She pauses, her eyes glazing over. Did she remember? Tami looked down and fiddled with her fingers. 

"I've actually never played video games before." Shesaid, fiddling with her fingers. I jokinly puts her hand above her heart and gasps.

"I'm offended! That's it, I'm teaching you and showing all my games!" I took Tamis wrists softly and dragged her to the game room.


I felt this sudden Déjà vu. It was like I remember having this conversation before with Wynter. I shook off the feeling and followed Wynter biting my lip.

We sat down on a black couch and Wynter had set up the consol. "So what do you want to play?" I shrugged.

"I don't care." She smiled and picked out three games.

"We can play, the Sims, Assassin Creed or Horizon." I bit my lip and pointed to Horizon. "Okay we'll play this one." I nodded and watched her.

For some reason Wynter was acting strange. She was never this nice. This could be just a phase. Shaking my head I took the black controller and listened to her explain the game. So basically we're killing robot animals. Sounds fun. I guess...

"Dammit! Why did that guy have to do that? Wait! So basically I'm a test tube baby?" I asked, turning to Wynter. She laughed and took a sip of her drink.

"Yeah so basically your mother created you to save mankind." I nodded and looked at the game again.

"Make sense." I paused the game as my stomach began to growl.

"Want to grab some ice cream?" Mm that sounded really great right now.

"Sure. But your paying." I grinned putting the game control away. Wynter chuckled, standing.

"I'll get your crutches." I nodded smiling. I guess she isn't so bad...

Hey guys! It's me!
So I'm very sorry for the late update but here it is! Now some of you might remember a bit of this happening in the last book. To clarify, Wynter is doing things she had done for Tami in the old book to help Tami's memories come back. Hopefully

Anyways! Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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