Chapter 2. Discovering feelings

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     Sofia's POV

     (1 week later)

     Damn, i thought. That was a weird dream. I dreamt i kissed Savannah. I mean she's a friend to me, a best friend or is she? As i did my normal routine for school, i went downstairs and out the door. I knew my mom heard me leave. As i walked to school, i felt someone behind me. I looked behind me to see MacKenzie, of course. I ran into the school doors before she could so anything. 

(after school) 

I ran home. I knew something was wrong. I ran into my house to see an ambulance and police cars. An officer walked over and asked me some questions. He then said :I'm sorry but your mother died because of a fire." Tears streamed down my face. I walked over to Savannah's house and knocked on the door. She answered and let me come inside. I told her and her parents everything. They said I could stay with them for awhile since they go to the same school. That night, we slept in the same bed. That's when I realized I loved Savannah. I kept on dreaming about us kissing and that's all. Should I tell her? I think so, but my dad, he's a priest. What if he hates me? What if Savannah hates me? I stop worrying after a bit and go to sleep. 

     (The next day)

     Savannah told me we didn't have school because of a teacher meeting. I'm gonna tell her soon but for now, i'm going to enjoy the day of off. The rest of the day we did our nails and hair, we both don't wear makeup, we went to the mall, and ate pizza for dinner. "Today was fun!" Savannah yelled as she face-planted the bed. "It sure was." After that was said, we changed into pj's, did our night routines, and went to bed. I'll tell her tomorrow, I thought as I drifted off into a deep sleep.

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