Chapter 1. Meeting Savannah

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     Sofia's POV

     Hello! My name is Sofia! I'm 17. I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. Today is the first day of my senior year at high school. We have a new neighbor. I think her name was Savannah? Our moms already met and i think i heard them mention her name. Mom said that we would get along. Maybe or maybe not? I don't think i've said this but my family is super religious and if they found out i was a lesbian, they would disown me but really, what so wrong with it? "Sofia!" I heard my mom call from dowstairs. "You'll be late for school!" "I will be right there!" I called back. I head downstairs, "Bye mom!" I called to her. "Bye sweetie." After that i ran out the door. Since we live close to the school, i can just walk. I go to a normal school. (Outfit for her above) "Well, here goes nothing." I say as i walk into the school. I head to first period which is Math. At least its not at the end of the day, right? I take a seat in the middle row.

                  (After Class)

      As soon as Mr. Mills was starting to say something, the bell rang. Some students immediately got up and went to second period . I gathered my stuff and went to history next. The history teacher was Ms. Miller. As i was walking to my seat, i was tripped. I looked to see who it as and low and behold it was the school bully, MacKenzie. "Oops. Sorry-" before she could finish Ms. Miller said "MacKenzie prinicpal. Now." After that, the rest of the class was fine. I looked over to see a girl with blonde hair and blue yes. I stared for too long 'casue she looked over at me. I, of course, looked away.

    (after school)

     I"M FINALLY GOING HOME!!! I yelled in my mind as i ran out of the school back to my house. Before i went inside i heard a voice call my name. I turned around ans saw the girl from earlier. Didn't notice her in 1st period but i sure did for the rest. "Hi." she said. 'I'm Savannah. Your new neighbor." I looked at her and smiled. "I'm Sofia. Nice to meet you." She smiled back and waved goodbye and walked to her house. Its nice to know her name, i thought as i went inside. I did my homework, took a shower, brushed my teeth and hair, and went to bed.


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