The meeting of the two Sky

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"Angry/Serious or Demonic/Threatening voice"

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I'm gonna skip Chrome and Lambo's reincarnation to make this fast(I'm skipping it cuz of laziness lol)


It's been years since Tsuna and the others are reincarnated. In those past years It's a total chaos in the Rokudo Household like when a certain pineapple saying where is my Chrome-chan! Why did she became a he! And it got more lively when they adopted a certain cow or in Hiyami's saying a 'ahoshi'

All of them has grown 'gorgeously' base on their fangirls and fanboys. The 9 girls grown into a total beauty and the remaining 2 guys turn into a HOT guys that are ummmm......... sadistic... And lastly the Rokudo couples became a top class hitman/woman in the mafia world.

In the town they are staying they are known as a vigilante group that protects their town and for that, the towns people are thankful of. Their group contains the ff:

Boss/Sky: Tsunayuuki Sawada

Right-hand woman/Storm: Hiyami Gokudera

Rain: Taikiri Yamamoto

Sun: Ryomei Sasagawa

Cloud: Keiya Hibari

Lightning: Lambi Bovino

Half Mist: Mikaru Rokudo

Other Half Mist: Kuromu Dokuro

Their back-up units consisting powerful hitman/woman:

Renato Sinclair (Reborn) the number 1 hitman in the world

Miyaki Rokudo

Kiyan Rokudo

And the advisers:

Emma Kozato

Diana Sawada

Rumours has it that anyone even the mafia that dares to cause a commotion or ruckus in their town face their wrath and all of them dies painfully but some survive yet they are traumatized that they killed their selves..... poor unfortunate souls..😢

Moving on currently our dear protagonist is escaping from the number one enemy of all boss the paperworks. And she is also escaping from her right-hand woman.

Mini time skip

*Huff huff* "phew I finally lost them, now.....where is that cake shop again....." a brunet girl named Tsuna said gaining her breath from all of those running from the fanboys and some...... fangirls

Tsuna walks in some random street searching for a cake shop. Without a warning something or more like someone bump into her.

"Ah! I'm sorry I didn't see you there I was running away from the fangirls..." a blonde guy with ocean blue eyes exclaimed.

"It's fine, it's just an accident. You don't have to apologize" Tsuna said softly slowly trying to get up again when a hand was offer to help her stand, she gladly accept the hand and the blonde guy helped her stand.

When she has taken a good look at the guy that bumped into her she can't be him...................right?

In the other hand the guy just stare at her in awe still holding her hand.

"Ummm...." Tsuna said as she pointed in the hand as she regain her posture.

"Ah!" The guy quickly but gently release Tsuna's hand "sorry.." he said embarrassed and look anywhere avoiding Tsuna's eyes.

"It's okay😊 I'm Tsuna, Tsunayuuki Sawada by the way" Tsuna said introducing herself and quietly wishing that this man is not the one she's thinking.

"Ah where are my manner (do you even have one?) I'm Giotto di Vongola just call me Giotto" the man said gently.

And instantly her mind falls apart 'what he is Giotto, why do I have to meet him this fast!!! Gah what kind of curse am I bearing, oh kami!😭 Why are you always playing at me. Please anyone but him argghhh!' but she kept her pace in the outside.

"It's nice to meet you"

"It's (not) nice to meet you too"Tsuna said to Giotto. "Umm I was wondering if you know where this shop is?" Ask Tsuna

"Ah that just go left then go straight there you will see that cake shop" he said with a very bright smile confusing Tsuna.

"Thanks" Tsuna said as she waved goodbye but from afar she can hear a lot of screams definitely fangirls and as if on cue Giotto starts running fast but still with a bright smile. And with that Tsuna starts to head to where that cake shop is.

Giotto's Pov:

  I was in the middle of escaping from my fangirls and right-hand man when I suddenly bumped into a girl.....oh no nooo I hope she's not a fangirl of mine too.

"Ah! I'm sorry I didn't see you there I was running away from the fangirls..." I said to the girl that I bumped.

"It's fine, it's just an accident. You don't have to apologize" the girl said what a very gentle voice she has....

I quickly offer my hand to help her stand up and she gently tales my hand.....her hands are so soft. As she slowly stand up I taken a good look at her....she has a body that any girl would die for just to get that fit body....she the total definition of a beauty... "Ummm...." I was brought out of my thoughts when the girl suddenly pointed at my hand that is still holding hers. Realization hits me "ah!" I said as I gently "sorry.." I said looking anywhere but her.

"It's okay I'm Tsuna. Tsunayuuki Sawada by the way" the girl introduce herself..... Tsunayuuki what a beautiful name..

"Ah where are my manner. I'm Giotto di Vongola just call me Giotto. It's nice to meet you" I said to her gently.

"It's nice to meet you too" she said with an angelic smile ah I'll never get enough of that smile of hers.....I still hope she's different from the fangirls.

"Umm I was wondering if you know where this shop is" she ask me as she gave me a map towards that certain shop..wait a minute....this shop is the one I came here for it's that famous cake she also likes cake hmm....I thought she's gonna ask me a personal questions like 'are you single' just like those freaking fangirls fanatics that is still following me I can hear them coming closer..

"Ah that just go left then go straight there you will see this cake shop" I said with a bright smile....she really is different from those fangirls...

"Thanks" she said to me as she waved goodbye then I started running as if my life depends on it .....well it does depend on it.....I still kept that bright smile in my face when I was running off.

'Tsunayuuki Sawada..... I hope we meet again😊' I gotta run faster G and the fangirls are already catching up....


Hope you like it 😊
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