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"Hey, what's up, my dude?"

"Nothing much, just on set. Say hi to everyone!"
[ he pans the camera so she can see a lot of the cast standing around him. they all greet her with 'hello' ]

"Wow, hi! I still feel overwhelmed every time you do that, Tom."
[ she chuckles nervously and gives him a smile, covering her face with her hand to hide her blush ]

"You were right, Tom. She is cute!"
[ the voice belongs to letitia wright, who squeezes her way into the frame before smacking tom on the side of the head ]
"Why are you keeping your adorable girlfriend so far away from us?"

"Ow, because of that!"
[ he rubs his head before shaking it at the girl next to him ]

"Come see us! We need one more person to make fun of him with!"

[ he quickly moves away from the group as she keeps calling from the background. he chuckles and shakes his head with a sigh ]
"Sorry about that."

"Why are you apologizing? It was funny!"

"It hurt!"

"Sure, it did, you big baby."

[ he makes a face at her, sticking out his tongue and making her laugh ]
"So, what are you up to?"

"I'm actually babysitting Sam right now."
[ she shuffles around glancing past the screen to something or someone he can't see ]
"Mom and Selene went out to lunch and they asked if i could watch him for a couple hours."
[ she shrugs, smiling a little bit, and rubbing her arm absentmindedly ]

"I'm glad they're getting along. How is Sam doing?"

"Great. And he's so adorable, Tom, and like the smartest five-year-old I've ever talked to—not that I've talked to many five-year-olds, but, yeah."
[ she pauses, looking back in the driection she had been before ]
"Can I bring him over to talk to you? He's been asking when he can see Spider-Man again."

"Yeah, of course! I love that little dude!"

[ she grins ]
"Sammy! Come here! There's someone who wants to talk to you!"

[ he runs up to her, leaning against her side and glances back at her with a confused look ]
"Who is it?"

"Why don't you look and see?"

[ he watches as part of a face appears on the screen in front of hers and chuckles ]
"Hey, buddy!"

[ his face brightens and he beams at the person on the screen ]

[ he laughs bemusedly at the enthusiastic little boy ]
"How are you, Sam? How's your mom?"

[ he nods eagerly, jumping up onto his sister's lap and taking her phone from her hands ]
"Good! Mommy is sad, but she made friends with Marley and now she's smiling! How are you, Spider-Man?"

"I'm good, bud. You know, you can call me Tom. It's what my friends call me."
[ he winks at the little boy who stares at him in awe and excitement ]

[ he excitedly looks back at his sister and taps on her shoulder to get her attention, even though he already has it ]

"Yes, Sam?"

"I'm friends with Spider-Man!"
[ he  slides off her lap and begins running around the living room ]

[ she laughs as he picks up some of his toys and starts dancing with them ]
"Be careful, Sam!"

"I am!"

"So, what was your original reason for calling me?"
[ she chuckled as he gave her a big smile ]

"I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I know it's not for a couple days, but I don't know how much free time I'll have coming up, so I don't know if I'll be able to call you."
[ he shrugs, giving her a lopsided smile ]
"And now I'm going to sing for you!"

"No, that's fine, you don't have to—"

"Happy birthday, to you, happy--"

[ he comes running up, his toys still in hand and places himself in front of the camera again ]
"Whose birthday is it?"

[ he stops singing and laughs ]
"It's your sister's birthday!"

[ he glances back at her with wide eyes ]
"It is?"

"In four days."

[ he looks back at the boy on the screen excitedly ]
"Can I sing for her too?"

"Of course!"
[ resumes singing ]
"Happy birthday, dear, Thea!"

"Happy birthday to you!"
[ he reaches around to give his sister a big hug ]
"I love you, Thea. You're my favorite sister."

[ she bites her bottom lip and glances at her boyfriend, who has the biggest smile on his face, before returning her little brother's hug ]
"I love you too, Sammy."

[ he watches as his girlfriend lets go of her brother and said little boy scampers away, humming to himself ]
"He's so cute."

"So are you."
[ she blushed and rolled her lips into her mouth to hide her smile ]

"Have you made any plans yet?"

"For my birthday?"
[ she watched as he nodded. she shook her head in response and shrugged ]
"No, not really. Bex and I might go somewhere, but I'm not sure."

[ he watched as her face screwed up in confusion ]
"I mean, that you'll have fun with your best friend."
[ a voice calls his name in the background and he looks over to see who it is ]
"Shit. I have to go and finish this scene now."

"Okay. Thank you for the birthday wish. I really hope we can talk on Tuesday."

"Me too! Looking forward to seeing you again."
[ he smiles lovingly at her ]

"I can't wait! But, I mean, what's four more days when I haven't seen you in almost three months?"

"I miss you too and I'll call you if I can. Bye, love."
[ he throws her a wave that she returns ]

"Bye, Tom."

June 15, 2018

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