Chapter four

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...i was so lost in those eyes I didn't even realize I was staring until the guard grabbed me by the hair and lower my head. One thing was racing through my head "mate" "mate" "mate" she's my mate the queen is my mate this can't be true. How can someone like me a mate to FREAKING queen. This can't be true all these thoughts were racing through my head like rockets going off. That was until I heard her voice it instantly made me relax.

I felt her walking towards me coming closer and closer by the second making me want to run away in fear of what might to come. Until finally I felt her hand touch my chin sparks going through my body lighting a fire inside of me I didn't know I had. She pulled my head up and I saw her face she was the most beautiful person I ever saw. Her long black hair her high cheek bones her bright big green eyes and her plump pink lips making me want to kiss her even more than ever now. I was in a trance til she said something I thought she was never say "take her back to the dungeon no one is allowed to see her" . It felt as tho my heart was being torn into a million pieces she didn't want me I wasn't enough. The guard became to pull me chains taking me away but with one glance up I saw she began walking away without no look toward me and with that I knew I had been rejected and no one will ever love me not even my mate. 

Everything was a blur from there I didn't care what was going to happen to me afterwards. I let the guard drag me back to the dungeon as she wanted and threw me into the cell with me once again falling onto my face that would again leave a bruise on my cheek. I laid there not moving not caring. Not even thinking I felt my wolf whining in pain about how are mate didn't even give us a final look. Just throwing us away as we were trash. Maybe we were trash to her after all she is queen what would a omega like me doing with her. I didn't even know her name everyone always referred to her as queen nothing else. I had decided that I would accept her rejection and would out my life alone my wolf whimper at the thought.

That night I couldn't sleep I couldn't stop thinking about her and about how perfect she is even though she did what she did to us. But then suddenly I began to hear noises outside of my cell. Not caring for what was to come I stand in the same opposition trying to stay as most comfortable being still chained to the wall. That was until I smelled her walk into my cell I looked up seeing her dress in large black jacket covering most of her body and face. I just stared as she began walking toward me not wanting to moved under her gaze. I felt her eyes roam around my body suddenly feeling self conscious I began to move my moves but then remembering I couldn't due to the chains. Her eyes when immediately to the chain and she growled at the guard behind not realizing he was there in the first place.

"I told you to not harm her or even touch her" she said while growling even louder going toward the guard. He began to shake in fear. "stop"  I stuttered for I haven't  not talked in a couple days. That's when all eyes were on me. The guard quickly took his chance to get away while the queen was distracted baby I thought in my mind. She slowly took of the chains without flinching at the sliver. She then began to take my hand and stand me. I was short compared to her me standing at 5'3 and her probably standing at 5'9. I was about to say something before she grabbed me by the waist and using her super speed into a bedroom. Hers I was guessing I was so caught off guard that I fell down. Feeling embarrassed I covered my face with my dirty blonde hair.

"What's your name" she asked me "Kayla" I replied back softly unlike hers. With that she left me again but this time in a better place. I was confused why would she reject me then bring me back to the castle let alone her bedroom especially alone knowing I could escape anytime I wanted. I stood there not knowing what to do with my self. Looking out the window I saw the moon out. Deciding it would be best if I would go to sleep. Climbing onto her huge bed with her scent surrounding me I fell into a deep sleep.

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