The Nightmare Ward

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Trigger Warning: Disturbing Themes and Imagery

Bellview Psych's main doors slammed shut behind her, and Abigail walked into the main lobby of the large, gray, office-like building. Several massive doors lined the adjacent halls to her left and right, guarding the entrances to pitch-black wards keeping unknown things locked away in darkness. It was a dark, distorted version of the town's mental hospital, and Nadia was nowhere in sight.

Sitting at the receptionist's desk in the middle of the lobby was the Secretary, once again wearing that cold, eerie smile and unblinking as Abigail warily approached her. The only light in the building illuminated the woman, a grey, unnatural beam falling from the ceiling above her. So many questions weighed on Abigail's mind, especially the true identity of her enigmatic acquaintance.

"Hello again, Abigail," the Secretary softly said, greeting her as she rose from her chair. "And welcome to Bellview Psychiatry."

"But this can't be Bellview Psych!" Abigail retorted as she glanced around the shadowed interior around her. "It's so empty, so dark..."

The Secretary smirked at her coyly and told her, "By all means, you're right, my dear. Allow me to correct myself."

She bowed her head, her dark eyes glinting viciously as she whispered, "This haunted hospital is my domain, Abigail Wright."

"W-what? What do you mean, 'my domain'?"

"You are right to assert that this dark place isn't the town's daytime mental health hospital. What you see around us is not a hospital, but a jail for monsters."

The Secretary withdrew from the receptionist desk a massive, obsidian key that gleamed in the grey light, the sight of it sending massive shudders down Abigail's spine. It was a horrid object that looked unscratched, lacking any signs of the passage of time. The key in the Secretary's hand looked ominously eternal.

Abigail stood rooted to the spot, unable to stop herself from shuddering violently as the truth of where she was worsened with every passing moment her mind had to spare. The Secretary moved out of the grey beam of light and around the receptionist area, moving towards Abigail with a faint silver glow emanating from her body.

"Come now my dear, we have no time to waste while you're here," the Secretary told her, reaching out to touch Abigail's shoulder.

A jolt of vicious energy ran through Abigail's body, arcing through her entire being even as the Secretary withdrew her hand. The woman's touch left a massive echo of unearthly rage within Abigail, her heart hammering and her eyes narrowed as she felt a supreme level of fury fill her to the brim, freeing her from her terrified paralysis.

It felt like the sinister woman's aura had entered her, leaving a mark on Abigail's soul.

"Enako was wrong. This woman isn't a ghost, she's something else..."

The Secretary turned around and together they journeyed down the hall. The echo of the Secretary's rage slowly faded away from Abigail's body, leaving her shaken and disturbed. What she had felt was a fury on a level she could never be capable of reaching on her own.

"Why am I here?" Abigail managed to ask as she tried to snap out of her terror. "And where's Nadia?"

"Nadia isn't here, you poor thing. You wanted to know more about Jessica Anderson, no?" the Secretary asked her as she led her down the passageway. "Some answers, my dear, are better shown than told. In this case, it would be far more effective to show you what became of Jessica Anderson instead of merely regaling the story. That, and the last thing we need is for you to ever think that the wench got away scotch-free after the horrors she put Nadia through four years ago."

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