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It had been two months since we'd told our families about the baby and we had yet to tell the rest of the boys besides Niall. As promised, Hannah flew out to visit for the second break in the tour and had stayed in Zayn's guest room. The newly renovated flats were absolutely fantastic. And though only Louis and Harry shared one, they were all on the same complex so we all still saw each other every day. Hannah and Niall were practically inseparable from the moment she arrived and just before Zayn and I were getting ready to take her to the airport to go home, I had caught them in a passionate lip- lock. They might not have been dating, but the two of them definitely were definitely a thing. She had also grown quite close to Louis, who's sense of humor matched hers almost perfectly. Perhaps the highlight of her visit was when Harry gave her a quick peck to say goodbye and she had literally feinted. Niall hadn't been too pleased, but I assured him that it was simply because she'd had a crush on Harry for nearly two years. 

"Are you coming?" I called to Zayn as I gathered up my purse. "The appointment is in ten minutes and I don't want to be late."

"Of course I'm coming. I wouldn't miss this for the world," he assured me, planting a gentle kiss on my forehead. 

Zayn was probably more excited about this ultrasound than I was based off his nervous ticks. As I laid down he took my hand in his and placed a kiss on each of my knuckles. The doctor came in and squeezed that cold goo onto my belly before pressing the device against my skin. It took her a moment but she finally managed to nail down an image.

"Congratulations you two! It looks like you're having twins!" She informed us. 

"Twins?" I exclaimed. "Oh my god. Zayn, there are two of them."

"Twice as many to love," he smiled. "I love you so much Gemma."

"I love you too, babe," I replied.

He pressed a chaste kiss on my lips before looking at my stomach. "And I love both of you," he said to my belly. He took a paper towel and wiped off the gel before placing a kiss on my belly button. "I have never been so happy in my entire life."

During the car ride home we both called our families to inform them of the extra bun that was in my oven. Sophie was overjoyed and based off his reaction I guessed that Trisha was similarly happy. Rather than return to Zayn's flat, we stopped in front of Harry and Louis's instead. We walked in to see Harry, Louis and Eleanor sitting on the couch watching television. Since Zayn and I had gone public Eleanor and I had grown much closer since we were allowed to be seen together in public now.

Zayn texted Liam and Niall to come over too, and we settled into the love seat to wait for them. Two minutes later they were both there and Zayn and I exchanged a look. 

"I take it you lot have got something to tell us," Niall asked politely, shooting a knowing look in our direction. 

"Yes, we got some pretty exciting news today," Zayn informed them. 

He opened his mouth to say something more, but I burst out with, "we're pregnant with twins."

There was an intense silence for a moment before they all broke out with clapping. "Took you long enough to tell us," Louis laughed.

"You knew?" I gasped. "Niall! You weren't supposed to tell anyone!"

I whacked him across the chest and he crossed his arms defensively. "I didn't say anything, I promise!" 

"Please Gemma, it wasn't that hard to figure out. You've been throwing up almost every morning and you've been wearing loose shirts for the past two weeks straight. Give us a little credit," Liam teased. 

"But twins! That's a surprise!" Harry said, throwing his hands up in a sort of cheer. "Hooray!"

"Congratulations," Eleanor said, grinning from ear to ear. "We're all really happy for you."

"I expect them to be named Louis and Louise," Louis said seriously.

"What if they're both the same sex?" I asked, laughing.  "Then name them Louis or Louise 1 and 2."

Zayn just shook his head, laughing into his hands. "We'll be sure to keep that in mind when we actually talk about names."

"Well I'm going to make some tacos if you guys would like to stay for lunch," Harry said, walking into the kitchen. 

"I love tacos!" Eleanor chirped. "Gemma, want to take a walk with me while Harry cooks?"

"I'd love to." I kissed Zayn then followed her out the door.

"How are you doing?" She asked as we stepped out of the flat. 

"Zayn is really excited. It was totally shocking because I thought he was going to be spitting mad and maybe even break up with me. But when I told him he was all smiles. Our families were both super supportive too, thank goodness! And today we learned that it's twins which according to Zayn means 'there's twice as much to love'." It all came out in a single string of words.

"That's great sweetheart, but how are you doing?" She asked, looking me in the eye.

"I'm scared as hell," I wailed. "I'm happy that everyone is so happy and supportive. And I love Zayn more than anything in the world. But I'm only twenty and he's only nineteen! He's on the road all the time, and he's got millions of adoring fans. What's going to happen when they find out that he's impregnated his girlfriend of three months? And I know he'll be a great father, but how can he do that without ruining his career? If he's gone all the time, then these kids will grow up barely knowing their dad. But I can't ask him to leave his music behind. It's his dream and he's living it with his four best friends. And it's not fair to them that he's going to have to explain to the press that he's nineteen years old and expecting twins! Michelle is going to have a field day when she finds out and I'm scared that he's going to get punished for it. And I love these babies, but I didn't mean to create them.  I'm not ready to be a parent."

"Gemma, breathe," she said. 

I inhaled sharply, sucking in the air that my lungs were craving. "Thanks."

"I know you're scared. I don't blame you! But don't you worry about how this is going to affect the boys. They're there for each other through everything, and they will make it through this. That boy is absolutely nuts about you, and I think he's genuinely excited to be a dad, even if he is only nineteen. Michelle can freak out all she wants, but that doesn't make you any less pregnant, nor Zayn any less the father. Besides, this will be huge news, and everyone loves a good scandal. I bet this winds up helping their careers, not hurting them. And you're on the road with him, which means he'll be there for you every step of the way through this pregnancy. And when you actually have those babies, they can come on the road too. There is always a way to make things work. It's all going to be ok." Eleanor pulled me into a hug, holding me tight against her slender frame. "It's all going to be ok," she repeated.

I collapsed into her embrace, overwhelmed with everything that I was finally allowing myself to feel. I hadn't cried since I had told Zayn about the pregnancy and there was a crushing sense of relief now that I had gotten it all out. It didn't matter how many times Zayn had told me that this was a blessing, I still felt completely unprepared for everything that a pregnancy with my popstar boyfriend would entail. 

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