Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


I woke up alone in bed and sighed. She never really stayed when I went to sleep. I got out of bed and showered. After that, I brushed my teeth and did my hair before getting dressed and going downstairs. I smelled bacon and eggs. I looked at the man in the kitchen, who I assumed to be Caden. He was kissing Beyoncé and I smiled. Finally she found someone. It made me feel a certain way... but we were just best friends I couldn't ask for more.

I cleared my throat before saying, "Good morning." They looked at me and I saw Beyoncé wiping her lip. She looked at me nervously before turning around. Caden smiles at me and puts his hand out for me to shake.

"Hey... Onika right?" I nod and shake his hand.

"It's REALLY nice to meet you Caden," I said letting his hand go and looking at Beyoncé as she ate her food.

"Here, your plate is hot and ready to eat. I hope you like eggs... not everyone does." I laughed before grabbing the plate and sitting at the table. I looked through my phone seeing all the text from Chris.

BlondeHoe: Can we work this out?

BlondeHoe: Please Onika... you know I only have eyes for you.

BlondeHoe: I'm sorry...

BlondeHoe: Onika... where are you?

BlondeHoe: Baby I'm worried. I just wanna work things out. I made a mistake.

I couldn't go through anymore. It was hurting me thinking of coming home and him loving me and going somewhere else being inside another woman.

"Onika... are you okay," Bey says. I felt her hand on my shoulder and continued eating slowly. I don't think I had an appetite anymore.

"I'm fine... I just... need a minute to myself." I watched as she walked away and went back in the kitchen to talk to Caden. I finished my plate before washing it and going back into the room I was in. It really was a beautiful room. My phone rung and I answered it.

"Finally you answer! Where at you?"

"Leave me alone Chris! I'm breaking up with you. You're nothing but a cheater and I've known this for months. You hurt me! You didn't think about how I would feel. Just never speak to me again." I hung up after that feeling the tears stream down my face. I looked around for a bottle and realized I didn't have any. I looked for the keys to my car and realized Bey had them. She was gonna definitely question me. I'm hopeless.

"Onika..." I heard. It was I obviously bey again. I hid in the bathroom and started to cry. Chris had been in my life for 6 years. Ugh... why... I feel like I need him. I felt the door open and I stopped crying. "Onika, come here..." I looked up at her and shook my head. I didn't want comfort I wanted something to make me forget.

"No, J-just leave me a-alone."

"No, I can't do that... I don't need you doing anything stupid."

"I won't... just leave. I don't need you here."

"Why?" She crosses her arms.

"You won't let me have any liquor!"

"That's what's best for you!" I could see the vein pop out of her forehead.

"Oh, and should I tell you what's best for you! Should I say "Beyoncé you should've kept that baby you aborted 3 years ago!" I don't think that would've been nice!" I yelled. After I said that I turned away from her for a second and looked at her as she tried not to cry.

"You said you wouldn't bring that up..." She said. "You know why I did that..."

"Yeah, I know... but in this situation I need to get rid of this feeling of pain. I helped you and you need to help me."

"I already helped you-" She walked away before coming back in and throwing keys and money at me. "Go get something to drink. I can't help you get better if you don't want me to... just leave."

I looked at the keys and money in disappointment. But I still continued to go downstairs and look at Caden as he passed by.


"Fuck!" I yelled as I held my stomach. I always get this feeling after I here about the abortion. It just made me want to hold the baby I never had. It wanted to choose me but I took it away from life. I'm such a terrible person.

Caden came into the room making me wipe my tears before he could notice.

"I know you're crying bey," he said putting me on his lap. I cried more in his lap. I would let him comfort me because Onika didn't realize what was comforting anyway. I didn't want her to break so soon.

Caden rubbed my back as I cried harder into his chest. I looked at him before crying more and then stopping. I didn't want to get myself sick.

"What happened?" He asked.

"My best friend and I... had an argument. She went to go get... something."

"Look at me Bey..." I slowly looked at him. His eyes were calming to look in.

"It's okay... that you felt you weren't ready to be a mother. When you're ready that's when you'll be ready. Even though it's hard... it will get better." I smiled at him before kissing him. He knew just what to say to make me feel better in the moment.

"Thank you, I really needed that."

"You're welcome Bey..." His hand connected with mine and I laid on him and calmed down. My mind drifted to Onika and I wondered if she was going to be okay.


Hey loves! Sorry for my mistakes. I cried writing this chapter.

What do you think of Beyoncé aborting a baby?

Whose baby do you think it was?

What about Onika lashing out on Beyoncé?

How do you feel about Onika's situation?

What do you think about Caden tryna to comfort Bey?


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