Reiko's POV

Akahana Akahana Akahana....Who the heck is that? I'm saying Reiko but Akahana....what  did  just happen?? Uh..What to do? that only my dream? but i saw Airi lately! It's really her!...

But anyway,it's saturday so maybe i should go and....oh and yeah! I promised Ryouko to give her something..i have to dress myself now

*Fast Forward*

Then i was walking the streets then suddenly..I saw Airi

"Hey Akahana! :) where are you going?"-Airi

"Uhmm..Just wanna buy some accesories"-Me

"Really? Me too hehe let's go together!"-Airi

"Okay"-I said..then we started our walk

"Anyway,why do you need accesorries? Do you want to buy some bracelets or necklace?"-Airi

"Umm,I was actually Giving it to someone"-Me

"Awww,sounds sweet,that person must be precious :)"-Airi

"Uhh? Y-yeah,i guess..."-Me

"You know..."-Airi


"I never seen you smile since the day we met"-Airi

"A-ah I'm sorry"-Me

"Don't be sorry,i just mean that you should smile more often :).Canyou do it?"-Airi

Then yeah i did smile...

"Aww,you're so cute when you smile :)"-Me

"Ehee,you think so?"-Me

"Airi!!"-3 people,then that people go nearer airi

Huh? isn't that Ryouko,Yukiteru and Okumura?

"Oh..You three"-Airi

"What a nice concidient to meet you here hehe :)"-Ryouko

"Yeah :)"-Airi

"Anyway,this is my new friend Akahana :)"-Airi added

"Ohh, Akahana sounds pretty! :)"-Ryouko

"Akahana...Yeah really pretty.."-Okumura said while looking at me

"Here is Okumura again.."-Yukiteru

"Hey Okumura! I won't let you!"-Airi

"What do you mean?"-Okumura

"I won't let you fool Akahana,never ever.."-Airi

"Hey I'm not fooling her,I'm just telling the truth,she is pretty"-Okumura

"I don't care about you,i just don't want Akahana to be closer to you hmf"-Airi

"That's not fair!You're close to her and yet you won't let me?"-Okumura said with a pout

"Hey hey"-Ryouko

"Umm if you'll excuse us!"-Ryouko said while pushing Airi and Okumura,but they are still fighting..

"There they go again.."-Yukiteru

"Uhh Miss Akahana,sorry for this trouble they are just really like that,they are like cat and dog they're always fighting like kids.."-Yukiteru

"Don't call me miss,and it's ok,i do think it's cute for them hehe"-Me

"You think so?"-Yukiteru

"Anyway I'm Yukiteru Nishikawa Nice to meet you"-Yukiteru

"It's a Pleasure to meet you too"-Me

"Ah anyway,I have to follow those 3,if you need something just contact me,here's my number"-Yukiteru,After he said that,he gave a piece of paper to me,with his number on it

"Okay,thank you...take care"-Me

"Same to you Akahana :)"-Yukiteru                                                                                                    What is that? their personality changed..and how come that they didn't know about me...What did really happen?...

Maybe i should go to some place that will relax me.

Let's see....

Oh there..a cafe

Then i went to the cafe...And ordered some coffee and bread...

More importantly

Is this a dream?? If so why is it like this? it's just like real life..I can eat,i can use cellphone,i feel everything,and there's so many people....Maybe i was cursed? ehh? but no it can't be...according to the book i have read that witches can never cursed a wizard that knows how to use it's not...errm,what to do

"Umm excuse me miss can I join you?"-unknown guy

"Ehh? Ahh sure"-Me

"Thanks"-unknown guy

"sorry if i disturb you"-unknown guy

"Don't be,you aren't disturbing anything"-Me

"Anyway,I'm Kinjiro,Nice to meet you"-Kinjiro

"Nice to meet you Kinjiro,I'm Akahana"-Me

"Ohh Akahana..Nice name you got there"-Kinjiro

"Anyway,why are you alone?"-Kinjiro


"I mean..why aren't you with your relatives or friends"-Kinjiro

"I don't have any.."-Me

"Seriously...What's with that answer?"-Kinjiro

"I'm telling the truth...Oh i have one,but i don't know if she consider me as friend..."-Me

"I can be.."-Kinjiro

"I can be your friend"-Kinjiro

"Are You sure? I'm not sure if we will get along very well,I'm a boring person you know"-Me

"Haha,I don't really mind as long as i have a friend,and yeah,i can do a way to make you closer to me ;)"-Kinjiro

"You think so hehe :)"-Me

"Finally! I saw your smile!"-Kinjiro

"What was that for"-Me

"Haha nothing....Anyway.. I have to go now"-Kinjiro

"Ok,Take care on your way home~ *Wave*"-Me

"Same to you :) *wave*"-Kinjiro

"Thanks again miss Akahana!"-Kinjiro

"It's nothing hehe"-Me

He's Pretty friendly,my opinion changed,i think i will get along with him..hehe

To be continued~

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