Oh shit

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Jake's POV:

Dirk told me to stay out of the room cause noises. I wonder what it was though. "HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK." Dirk screamed. I ran into the room and my face was bright red. "JOHN WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?!?!" I yelled looking at their computer. John's face turned bright red. "I-I.....w-we're" words wouldn't come out of John's mouth, but Dave pitched in and said "I wanted to show him a cool movie but clicked the wrong video." He said with a straight face and shrug. I stared at Dave. "Oh okay." Dirk said. "WHAT!??!" I practically screamed, looking flustered and confused. Dirk faced me and smirked. "You think I care about a situation like this? At least they really arent fucking, right? I mean if they ever end up dating or getring married or some shit like that. THEN it's okay. But dude they just met and if it was an accident, then it was. But if it wasnt-" Dirk looked over and gave Dave an evil eye and Dave shuddered and whimpered. "Then I'll make sure that youll be sleeping with the smuppets." Dirk than looked back at me smiling. I blushed. "You okay, English? You face is kinda red. Do you have a fever?" He said looking concerned. I blinked. "Oh no im fine! R-really!" I said stuttering into each word. He smiled again. And this one looked like a genuine smile. A smile that always made my stomach fill with those....was were they called again? Flappy wings? Flutter gutters? Oh! Butterflies! But he always made me feel like that. What is that feeling?

Dirk's POV:

I looked back at an adorable little brit. He's so cute and small. He noticed that I was looking at him. "Something wrong, Stroder?" (I like how Jake says stroder instead of strider so fucking cute) i blushed. "No everythings alright." I say lying, because he gives a strange feeling in my stomach like butterflies swarming all around me and it always happens around him. Why only him? He's special to me and Roxy says that you feel love when youre near him. So this is what love feels like. Who knew that it felt so amazing. I actually feel like I belong.

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