Eyes On Her

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Part 14-

Your sat out Demi's home, your body has frozen you try pulling your body out your car and it's not moving. You take a few minutes before getting yourself together, you drag yourself out the car after fighting with yourself after 5 minutes. You lock the car, pull your dress back down look into your phone and sort your hair out. Just make sure you looking good. You stare at Demi's front door, you sigh and walk well like run up to the door..

You take a deep breath before knocking on her door, it's mads that answers the door.

Convo with Mads

You- " hiya little one *Laughs* so where is Demi?"

Mads- " IM NOT LITTLE Y/N!! She's in the kitchen come in"

You slowly walk into the living room and you tell Mads you'll wait here for her, Mads screaming Demi's name. You start seeing Demi walking to the door into the living room, she's looks sad, but she's smiling but you know that's the fakiest smile you have seen. You see right through her you see the pain in your eyes, the way she's got her body your reading her she's defo not herself like people have told you. Maybe this date will cheer her up and get that smile on her face a real one. You start getting butterflies, a big smile comes across your lips. Your hands start sweating. She looks so beautiful. It's defo the most beautiful you have seen her and that's pretty hard because she's always beautiful no matter what! Demi is wearing a black summer dress, with a denim jacket with flats. Her hair was all up in a messy bun and her hair colour change from last night it's a sliver purple it's awesome colour.

You have been staring at Demi for at least a good few minutes before Mads hits your arm. Then you come back down to earth, well this is so awkward.

Demi- " What you doing here? You meant to be on that date." She said it in a bitchy voice.

Mads-" my que to leave hahaa"

You- " I'm here for you silly. Yes my date is standing infront of me" you say blushing

Demi-" um.. W-what?.."

You-" Demi would you want to come on this date with me?"

Demi-" I don't know what to say..."

You-" a yes or no would be nice.." You stare at the floor.

Demi just comes walking over to you, lifts your face up so you was both looking into each other eyes, she wraps her arms around your body. You felt yourself melt under her touch! Omg. She brings her lip against your ear

Demi- " the answer is yes. Let's go ba... Um Y/N"

While you went outside waiting for Demi because she was saying her goodbyes to the family. After like what felt like forever. You feel Demi put her hand on the lower of your back, and asking if your ready you start blushing and move away from Demi, you walk Demi to the other side of the car opening the door and closing it after she's in it before running around your side, but you missed the curb and fell face first of the floor.. You felt to embarrassed to lift yourself to get up. You sat there checking yourself out making sure you ent bleeding and you can't see nothing. You jump back up to your feet but your ankle give way and you end on the floor again.. You just sit there now, Demi jumps out the car asking if your okay, you tell her yeah. She looked so worried about you. She helped you to your feet before sitting you in the car. You pull your chair back so you can get a good look at your ankle but you couldn't see nothing because looked like a pudding. You sorted your chair back out, told Demi jump back in and she did.

Demi-" you sure your okay to drive?"

You-" yeah I'll be okay, only a little sore.. I'm so silly" you start laughing as you start the car

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