Chapter two

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...I waited until I couldn't hear a sound through out the pack house before I knew it was clear to leave I paced around my room thinking and completing if I should leave or not until I finally grabbed my small back stuffed all my belongings and then carefully placing the family picture I have of me my parents and my little brother I open the window looking around for the last time placing my book bag on my back and jumping out. my room was on the second floor so it wasn't a hard of a jump. I fell down with a loud stud ,quickly before any of the night shift guards could see me I went behind a tree praying to the the moon goddess that no one saw me.

After making sure the coast was clear I made a run for it. I would have turn into my wolf but I haven't shifted yet sadly and I would have when I turned 16 but it never happened but I tried not to think about it. I made it to the border and made my small legs run even faster than they possibly could finally i made it across and fell to my knees losing the bond of the pack and everyone there I couldn't feel anyone just me and my wolf.

I didn't want to waste anymore time so I got up slowly feeling the burning of chest but still ignoring it thinking I had to get away further  or else they would find me and bring me back to that hell hole so I ran and ran until I couldn't anymore I ran until I couldn't feel my feet anymore I ran until my vision became blurry that I couldn't see anymore I ran until every bone in my body was screaming at me to stop and take a break. Until finally I fell to the ground and fainted thinking about a certain green eyes that I have never seen before but yet felt so safe and familiar.

I woke up to it lightly raining on my face I slowly got up and looked around my surrounding making sure I was the only one around. Then gently placing my bag against the tree so I could lean against. I thought about the past events that just happened yesterday me jumping out my bedroom window me running across the pack border and feeling a burning sensation in my chest then me running until I couldn't no longer and falling asleep to the green eyes I saw. I was in my thoughts when my stomach made a noise I groan out loud annoyed that I have to get up and look for food even though I was feeling weak and had no idea where I was. But still I got up to explore and to look for food taking my bag with me not wanting to loose it I began to walk and walk until I found a small pond which had fish which I thought would make a good meal. But getting the fish would be a whole different ordeal . I grabbed a pretty large stick and began to sharpen the end.  So to maybe stab at the fish... quietly wishing I would get one. Slowly I became more and more frustrated that I couldn't get one single fish until I finally threw the stick into the water and walking away but not until I saw I actually had caught one I quickly made a fire remembering my dad teaching me how to when I was younger on a camping trip.

At last I had cooked the small fish I caught delighted I had something to eat and drinking from the pond water that was until I heard growling near me and dropped the last pieces of the fish on the ground looking for any danger near me that's when I saw three large wolves coming in my direction i was about to run before one of them came in my direction and jumping on top of me leaving me defenseless. like I would be able to do anything in the first place. I cowered in fear when the other two wolves shifted and demanded to know my name and why I was on their land I looked the wolves and inspected them they were both were big and sent of a aura of powerfulness so before they could hurt me I told them what they wanted my name is Kayla and I'm sorry I didn't know I was on anyone land please forgive me just let me go and I will never come back I promise I quickly blurted out with the third werewolf still holding onto me to keep me from escaping

The other two guys started walking toward me while looking at me as if was nothing until finally saying to the one holding onto me take her to the dungeon the queen doesn't like rouges on her land...

Slightly bigger than the last chapter I hope you enjoy once again
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