The rules

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I closed my eyes as his words sunk in, my mind racing. I then leaned back, forcing my body to relax against his. I could feel him tense slightly behind me at my sudden compliance, before he softened against me again. His thumbs gently stroking my stomack. We stayed like that, relaxing against eachother, for a while.

Crumbles of a plan were starting to form in my head as I asked him calmly.

«What are the rules?»

I turned around in his arms, putting my hands gently on his chest, looking down as I did not want to suddenly seem too eager. I did not want him to suspect anything. It had to look natural if I were to get him to trust me, so it would take time.

He lifted one hand from my back, and started gently caressing my face in a soothing manner, before he bent down and kissed me softly on the cheek.

«I want you» He whispered hoarsly, his lips moving against my cheek.

«You scare me» I whispered back, my body tensing against my will even as i tried to relax against him.

«I know» He said as he gently lifted my head. His brown eyes searching my now watery blue ones, my eyes betraying me. I moistened my lower lip, biting it gently. He tensed against me. He closed his eyes, resting his forehead against mine, a small sigh escaping his lips.

A minute later he tok my hand away from his chest, kissed it, and pulled me with him, leaving the bedroom behind.

«I will tell you the rules» His voice more solid now.

I followed him into the kitchen, and sat down in the chair opposite him. I felt a slight apprehention at what he was about to say. Afraid that his rules would share a semblance to the two twisted choices he had given me earlier back at the hotel.

We stared at eachother for a bit, then he opened his mouth, his voice unyielding.

«Rule number one, you are never to go outside this house without me present»

«Rule number two, you are never to try to contact or talk anyone else but me»

«Rule number thee, if I tell you to do something, you will do it, no questiones asked»

«Rule number four, you are never to go into the basement when I am entertaining guests down there»

I looked at him startled. The first two rules I had kind of predicted, they where a given. But the third rule scared me, it was so controlling. He could tell me to do basicly anything, and expect that I would follow though, no matter how twisted his command.

He let out a sigh, seeing the terrified look in my eyes. «If you follow my rules and do as I say, I wont missuse the third rule." He paused a bit, seeing that what he said hadnt reassured me. "Its not intended as a rule to force you into doing things against your will. I want to be kind and gentle with you.» He added softly searching my eyes.

«And there are things I never want you to see nor hear, so when I tell you that the basement is off limits it is off limits.» His voice hard again, making his point.

I nodded my head feeling slightly numb. It was a lot to digest. The rules he had given me made it all seem so final, making me feel trapped. Am I ever going to be able to get out of here? Will I ever be able to see the faces of my family, my friends again? I wanted to scream at him, at his damned rules, at his stupid choices, at the fact that he felt some weird ass attraction towards me ever since that cursed kiss in the elevator. But it was that cursed kiss that saved me, saved me and at the same time damned me.

I met his dark eyes again, tears running freely down my face now. How long untill he became bored with me, untill his attraction faded, untill I lay in a pool of my own blood, dead by his hand. His eyes gave me no answers to my questions, they gave me nothing.

"I will make us something to eat before we retire to the bedroom" He said as he got up from his seat, and walked over to the refridgerator.

I stared at his back, scary big butterflies now roaming around in my stomack, hurting me. I was not staying in "my room" in the basement tonight, I was to stay with him, in his bedroom.

I never thought that I would ever want to go back down into that hellish basement again, but I desperatly did now.

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