Crystal and Nathan

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Imagine for @TWimagines19

Imagine: You're having a huge fight with Nathan because you saw him on a cover of a magazine, kissing some other girl... AGAIN. "C'MON! UNDERSTAND THAT I WAS DRUNK!" Nathan yells. "I DON'T CARE THAT YOU WERE FUCKING DRUNK YOU STILL DID IT!" You yell back fighting against the tears. "Crystal it didn't mean anything!" He calmed down. "No Nathan. This has been happening too many times and I can't take it anymore! What's even going on between us?! You're never here anymore! Yeah, I know you're famous and all of that, but on your free days you don't come anymore! And when you do, it's only for what? 5 minutes? and you don't even bother to tell me where you're going anymore! I'm starting to think you're cheating on me..." you trail off.

This time the tears were streaming down your face. It isn't long before he grabs you by the waist and starts kissing you passionately. You want to pull away, but whenever he kisses you, no matter if you're fighting or not, he still makes you weak. The kiss soon got heated. You feel his tounge graze your bottom lip and you glady part your lips to give him access. His hands travel around your body making their way to the inside of your thighs. He picks you up and gently places you onto the bed. You don't waste any time in taking off your clothes. Nathan hovers over you trailing kisses from your neck, past your cleavage, down to your stomach and to the inside of your thighs. He slowly drags his tongue around your dripping wet pussy and onto your clit. You moan as he flicks faster and faster and he soon  enters two fingers inside of you.

"Nath.. I'm gonna c-cum!" As soon as you say this he stops. He hovers over you once more kissing you passionately as he grinds his hard cock against your pussy. "Nathan fuck me already!" you groan as he just smirks and continues to tease. It wasn't long before he slowly entered you. He started out slow at first and then picked up his pace. Your nails dig into his back as he proceeds to thrust faster and deeper into you.

You feel as if you're about to reach your climax when he says "not yet Crystal" You try so hard not to. You then feel him stiffen inside of you and a warm stream of cum enters your body. Soon enough, you also came, making you legs tremble. Nathan rolls off of you and lies beside you. "Crystal I'm so sorry for everything and I would never cheat on you. Please don't leave me." He whispers softly. "I forgive you Nathan. I'm sorry too. I won't leave you." You say as you look him in the eyes before passionately kissing him.

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