Chapter 14

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Day : Saturday
Date : 23/06/18

Hello guys! Did you guys know that this month is the month where we, Muslims celebrating our  victory after a month of fasting? You don't know yet? Then now you know😆!

It's started like nine days ago I guess..😯

I am so happy and so sad at the same time.

Why am I happy? Because I'm still breathing and can celebrate this month with my family!😆

And why am I sad? I will tell you right after I finish this whole story because I don't want to make you guys cry because of me.

Okay okay. I don't want to make you guys wait any longer because I know I have made you guys wait for this chapter for so long already. But what can I do? I need to enjoy myself too right? 😜

Let's proceed shall we?


Ryder Stone's POV

I kept on watching these two shorties, waiting for their answer as they were kept on looking at anywhere but me.

"Well?" I asked again, getting impatient.

"Er..w-well..actually..-" Kyla stopped talking abruptly as she was being cut by a ringing sound coming from her front pocket.

"Oh look, someone call me. One second please." she said, looking too relief than she should be.

"Phew." I heard the sound coming out from Alice mouth, making me to narrowed my eyes at her while she just smiled sheepishly at me.

"It's Kyla who is talking on the phone, not you. You don't have to wait for her to answer my question." I said, whispering to Alice with folding arms across my chest as I got really impatient to know the answer.

I wanted the answer. And I wanted it now.

But then Alice and I got interrupted.

"Shh! Can't you see i'm talking on the phone? Please don't make any noise will you? Respect it when people are talking on the phone!" Kyla whispered at me harshly.

"What the..but I was just whispering! It's not like I was shouting or something!" I replied, using the same tone as her did before.

"Oh about him? Okay.. yes? Okay.." she continued talking on the phone, ignoring me making me sighed in defeat.

I'm gonna shut up for a while then.

After fifteen minutes waiting for her, she then finally cut the call making me immediately sat straight.

As I was about to ask her to answer my question, she beat me to it.

"Oh i'm so sorry Ryder, I need to go now. I've got something important to do. Let's go Alice." she rushed the words out from her mouth before grabbing Alice's hand and began to drag her.

"Wait! -" I yelled, getting up from my seat but she immediately cut in.

"Bye Ryder! See you later!" she yelled before running away from me to her car.

Oh, they come with a car...

"Do they think that I will let them go just like that?" I asked. Maybe to myself.

After minutes standing there, not moving at all, I yawned.

"Maybe I will just let them go for now." I said before walking home.

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