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I paced back and forth in my little cell. The confinment was really starting to get to me. I had been stuck in here all alone for four and a half days now, maybe more. I was slowly going mad.

It hadnt been that bad at first. I had read the three books that he had brought down, enjoyed some snacks, drawn a few pictures on the few pieces of paper which he had provided, and it was around there it all started going down hill. Because there was nothing left to do.

To be really honest, I couldnt really know how long I had been confined to this room, because there was really no way of tracking time down here. I felt like a caged animal as I paced back and forth.

I stopped my pacing, and looked up at the camera, it was covered by the pillowcase that had come with the pillow he had provided. I just hated the thought of him watching me. Maybe he was watching me all the way from London. I felt like screaming again. I had done that a few times already, to no avail what so ever! I was losing my sanity. Maybe he wouldnt come back for me? Maybe he would just leave me down here to die slowly, alone and forgotten.

I was about to resume my pacing again when I heard fotsteps. They where comming closer, and stopped right outside the door to my «room». My «hell» was more like it!

My heart rate increased. I was scared at the thought of facing him again, but it did not scare me as much as having to spend another day in here, all alone, slowly going mad.

I heared the click of the lock, and watched the door open. And there he was, just leaning against the doorframe, watching me. I took a small hesitant step in his direction, then another, then one more, not stopping untill I was right in front of him.

«I need to leave» My voice was begging him now. I was so broken. He just stared at me.

«Please» I whispered as I looked up into the dark brown eyes that where assessing me.

I felt like I was about to go mad. I would do almost anything now. Anything just to get out of this damned room!

He raised his right hand and carressed my cheek. He tok a step closer to me, gliding his hand back towards my ear, and placed it behind my head. I stared at his chest, my breath catching. Fearing what was to come.

«Kiss me and I will take you upstairs» I looked up at his face at his unexpected bargain. My mind was already made up. I needed to leave.

My hands trembled a bit as I put them on his shoulders to steady myself as I went up on my toes. I slowly leaned up and placed a chaste kiss on his lips, then went back down again. I was surprised that he didnt force me to deepen the kiss.

He let go of my head with his hand, and took ahold of my hand instead. Entertwining our fingers like lovers. It made me sick to my stomack, but I did not dare to tear my hand from his. I was so afraid that he would change his mind and leave me down here all alone again. I would die if he did that.

He pulled on my hand, and I followed him willingly. I was going upstairs. The hallway with all the doors and the stairway went by in a blur, and I was suddenly standing in the middle of the library again. I smiled, just seeing something else, someone else, even if it was him was like balm to my broken soul. He pulled on my hand again, indicating that this was not our intended destination. I followed him as he led me to a master bedroom, his bedroom. I froze at the sight of the bed, fear gripping my heart, but he continued to drag me past it, and towards the open door that led to a bathroom.

Only once we were actually inside the bathroom did he let go of my trembling hand. I looked around. Everything was white, the walls, the floor, the sink, the toilet, the shower and the bathtub. I looked at myself in the mirror for the first time in several days. I looked tired, dirty and tired. I guess there was no wonder why he brought me here.

«Here» He said as he put a fluffy white towel in my hands.

«I will be waiting in the other room while you clean up» He walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

I looked down at the doorhandle, there was no way to lock the door. I bit my lip in frustration, but started to undress in spite of my unease. I put the dirty clothes in the hamper, and steped into the shower. I let the warm water run over me, it felt like heaven, and I almost forgot where I was. I shampooed my hair three times, enjoying the feeling of being clean again. I stept out of the shower, and dried myself with the big fluffy towel. And it was then I realized that I had no clean clothes to wear. I looked around the room, but there was nothing to put on except the dirty clothes that I had just worn. I went over to the door, opened it slightly, and peeked out at him.

«Clothes, I need clothes.» I looked at him expectantly.

He pointed at something down on the floor, right outside the door. I looked down. It was a neatly folded pile of clothes. I bent down and grabbed the pile before retreating back into the bathroom.

I put on the clothes he had provided me with, and looked in the mirror. I was wearing what I presumed to be his clothes. The t-shirt hit me right below the bum, and I had rolled up the legs of the sweatpants so that I wouldnt trip. What I didnt like was the fact that I had no bra to wear, I felt naked, exposed. But this would have to do.

I exited the bathroom and looked around the bedroom for him. He was nowhere to be found. I decided to take this chance to look out through the windows to see if he had been lying or telling the truth when he said that this was an unpopulated area. I pulled the curtains back, and was met with dissapointment. There was nothing but forest all around the house, and a small dirt road that went through it. I let out a dissapointed breath. Running away would be a much bigger challenge now.

I heard his fotsteps right behind me, and I froze in place, afraid that he would get mad at my obvious search for escape routes. His arms went around my waist as he hugged me from behind. I could feel his breath on my ear.

«I think its time that we talked about the rules now» His silken voice stated.

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