Jenna didn't have a chance to turn and unlock the door before Jason swept her up into his arms. She went pliant in his arms, her arms snaked around his shoulders until her hands twined in his hair.

"You know you're amazing right," he said looking down at her with admiration as she carried her over the threshold then toed the door closed. "Hold on a bit babe."

With one arm he deftly shifted his arm underneath her luscious backside. Jenna squealed her hands clutching his shoulders.

Jason looked up at her face, her dark hair a curtain tickling the sides of his face. He couldn't look away even if he wanted to. Just looking at Jenna and the way she looked back at him stirred something in his chest. It was the same feeling he'd been feeling the past couple of weeks. Deeper and warmer and made him feel as if he'd do anything to make her happy. Become her own personal warrior and prince if that was what it would take.

"Don't you dare drop me."

"Never," he croaked. He locked the door and reset the alarm. Without changing position he carried her past her living room, up the stairs and left into her bedroom. He didn't let her go when he gently laid her down and started peeling her clothes over her with the deep reverence of a man paying homage to a divine being.

Which she was. For the first time in his life Jason understood what the meaning of when someone broke the mold when they were made. His heart pounded in his chest like a freight hammer drill. Powerful and unrelenting. He thought he'd never seen anything so amazing in his life when the last of her clothing was stripped off her body, discarded on the floor.

"God you're beautiful," he semi-repeated out loud, his voice heavy with the burning desire for her as she laid naked on the altar of her bed and its crisp midnight blue linens. His hand reached out and caressed the back of his knuckles down the side of her breasts. Her nipples puckered at his touch. So responsive. He wanted to suckle them but he held off. There was time for that later.

He watched as her eyes followed his hand down to her flat belly, slowly caressing the cutest belly button. Her breathing rasped and she shivered from his touch. His gaze left hers and lingered at her dark curls. He smelled her arousal, it scented the air begging him to taste the sweet and tangy tincture between her thighs.

Jenna's moan woke from lustful stupor and his eyes went to her face. A light sheen had formed on her forehead, her face writhing in pain and ecstacy. For him. "Jason," she moaned, her arm reaching out to pull him into her embrace. "I need you now."

The desperation in her voice hardened his cock to steel. Jason thought he could probably break diamonds. Still he wasn't ready yet. She wasn't ready. He wanted them both to be pushed passed the edge of their endurance. Half of the fun was the anticipation. No matter how torturous.

Jason shook his head. "Turn around," he commanded. "On your stomach."

Jenna turned over giving him her back as mouth watering as her front. Straddling her legs he cupped both his hands on her firm backside and started massaging them. A deep sigh and moan greets his ears.

"You know you're amazing."

"Why you say that," slurred Jenna.

"Maybe because you had those guys twirled around your finger in ten minutes flat." Jenna moaned again as he moved up to massage along her spine and shoulder blades. "Then had them folding their bodies like pretzels, in ways they've never done before. And they still love you after the fact." He pressed his thumbs to her shoulders and neck and felt the tight muscle loosen. He didn't know what gave her the tight knot but he'd noticed something had worried her a bit at the bar when she returned from the bathroom.

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