20. Ferdinand The Bull

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This was it. Our last day in Lothlorien, before our journey goes even harder. The Uruk-hai, Boromir's death, the endless running to get to Merry and Pippin who will get captured by the orcs later. I shuddered. I forced myself to focus on the knowing that on our way we will meet Gandalf soon. I held on to that hope.

Lady Galadriel held a farewell supper for us before we go tomorrow morning, but my appetite seemed to be gone. So after playing with my food to respect our host. By that time I forgot that Lady Galadriel could read minds, and when I finally did I face palmed inwardly at my plan to pretend eating. So I took the first leave to be alone.

Usually I always wander with Legolas, we're like peas and carrots, but even Legolas noticed that sometimes both peas and carrots needs their privacy to sort their minds out. He respected it, leaving me wandering by myself.

As I walked back past the boys' talans, Legolas smiled and waved at me as a wave of intense doubt and worry hit me, along with a darkness that brewing in the back of my mind, that after these days I could identify as the Ring.

I stopped in my track and searched for Frodo. I smiled at Legolas briefly before Legolas went back to talk with Aragorn and Gimli. Frodo was brooding alone by a tree, further away from the others, almost unseen in the shadow, as Sam was fast asleep beside him.

"Hi Frodo," I greeted him softly, trying not to startle him. His bluest eyes looked up from behind a tree. A surprised expression etched on his innocent, flawless face.

"Miss Leane," he said and nodded a little bit uncomfortably, "Good evening."

Frodo nodded and looked down at his hands. I felt his sadness and his worries, so I thought I should try to ease the hobbit's mind, even by just being there.

"May I join you?"

"Sure, miss Leane."

"You know, Frodo, it's about time you call me Leane," I said as I took a seat on the grass, but still keeping my distance from him, knowing that the hobbit had become paranoid lately about the others, especially Boromir.

Sure enough, the others were chatting around the fire softly, knowing that Frodo wanted to be left alone while Boromir sat at the furthest tree from Frodo. I noticed Legolas sent several glances at me but I ignored him. That curious elf.

Uncomfortable silence filled the atmosphere, so I decided to start the small talk."It's beautiful, isn't it? The Lothlorien forest?"

"It is, Leane," he answered with a small voice, "But I missed the Shire more."

"I missed my home too, Frodo," I said smiling, "Your home must be lovely. Can you tell me about the Shire?" I asked, knowing that making your opponent speaker talk about themselves is a good way to start a nice chat.

And so our conversation went on as Frodo and I talked about our homes and I saw Frodo relaxed a bit at my presence. A hint of homesickness latched our voices as we talked and Frodo's shoulders slumped at the end of his description about his home.

"I don't think I am the right person for this responsibility. This is just too extraordinary for me, Leane," he admitted, "I wish the Ring never came to me," he added, his face fell.

My heart clenched at the feeling of his desperation and his sadness in my chest. Why did such an innocent, kind and small hobbit who never even seen war before have to bear such a burden?

"We must have faith that everything always happens for a reason, Frodo. And so far, you've shown more resistance to the evil more than any of us could endure," I said, "Trust me, you are the man for this job. You'll see."

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