Chapter 22

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A/N: his chapter is really long because we're slowly rwalking toward the end of the book! I hope you'll like it!

POV Taemin

I walked toward him my hands reaching for his face when he swated my hands away. ''Don't touch me !'' ''I just want to show you since word are never enough !'' ''Do no touch me ! I don't trust you !'' I walked toward him and he groaned. ''Stop ! Don't take a step forward ! Or i'll kill you !'' ''I know you won't !'' I took two step in his direction and saw him make something appear and he walked toward me. I then noticed that it was a dagger and took a step back. ''I will !'' He charged me but someone came in just in time and made him drop his weapon before receiving a punch in the jaw. ''Don't touch him !'' ''Looks like someone came ! Congratz !'' ''Taemin ! I will hold him ! Show him ok ?'' i nooded at black haired vampire and the second my half brother was unable to move i let my hands stay on his temple. ''It's gonna sting a bit !'' I closed my eyes and my mind went blank for i don't know how long until i came back to myself. ''That...that really happened ?'' ''These were my memories...'' ''I....I'm...I'm so sorry...I didn't realized...'' ''It's ok i understand your reason to hate me...What now ?'' ''What do you mean ? Aren't you going for the throne ?'' ''The throne ?'' ''Of course ! The first born of the children is the new heir ! So it's you ! You're the new heir !'' ''That...I don't know...'' ''You need to think about it !'' ''I know ! Hyung are you ok ?'' he didn't answered so i took a step toward them. Hoojin came to me and gently leaned in to hug me when i was yanked from behind and into something warm.

''Don't touch him !'' ''Jonghyun it's ok...We're ok...we talked a lot and i showed him my story...we're good now...he's just lost and lonely..'' ''He killed our daughter...He took you away and he made me nearly kill you...I can't forgive him...'' ''Then just accept the fact that i do....'' He sighed and looked at my half brother. ''So you two are cousin ?'' asked Minho ''Not really ! We're half brother !'' answered my cadet. ''Hyung are you ok ?'' asked Kibum to his brother who kept staring at Hoojin since he came in. ''I....My...he's...'' ''What ?'' asked Wonshik ''Lilies and raspberries ...'' ''What ? No way ! He's your mate ?'' exclaimed Kibum ''I think...'' ''You can smell my scent ?'' ''Yes...what about you ?'' ''Blood and pastel...'' ''Finally....i found you...After all this time...'' Yongguk moved slowly toward the wingless fairy and took him in his arms. ''I though i would never found you...'' ''I'm sorry we meet in such circumstances...'' ''It's ok...If Taemin say it's ok then it is...Will you come with us ?'' ''If i'm accepted...'' ''I work for no one...Jonghyun isn't my leader so i don't care...i'll bring you home with me if that's ok with you...'' ''It is..'' I looked at them gently gazing at each other scared of making a wrong move. I turned toward Jonghyun and hugged him. ''I'm glad you made it...I was scared...'' ''I'm fine...but Jinki and Jongin are wounded...'' ''Are they ok ?'' ''I think ! Kyungsoo is with them..'' I cupped his cheeks and kissed him softly. We were still kissing when i heard Kibum make gagging noises. ''What ?'' I looked at Yongguk to see him kissing my brother. ''Come on you two ! Let's go home !'' They looked at us blushing and our vampire gasped in shock. ''Yongguk ! Your eyes !!'' ''What about them ?'' ''They're Periwinkle !!'' ''What but that's ! That's impossible ! That would mean that dad ! No ! No ! It can't be ! We need to go home now !'' Kibum started shaking a bit so Minho took him in his arms. ''Cutie what's going on ?'' ''Perinwinkle mean that he is the clan either mean that he created his clan which is not the case or...or that our father is dead...'' I gasped in shock. ''Let's go back to my grandma and ask Rain to bring us back !'' i said and they walked back to where they were before.

Once there we found Kyungsoo with a sleeping Jongin and a....

''Jinki ! Oh my god Sweatheat what happened ?'' ''It's ok ! I took ice shards in the eye during my fight ! I'm ok ! It will leave a scar but Soo said i could still see ! I just have to keep the eye patch for a few days ! What happened why is he here ?'' ''Because long story short he's Tae's bro and my brother's mate ! We need to go home can you walk ?'' ''Of Course ! Why ?'' ''We're not sure but nothing good anyway !'' Jinki got up and took his mates hands while Wonshik carried Jongin.

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