Chapter 14

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Edward's POV:

"What?!" They both exclaimed and I nodded my head

"I saw the picture and the bracelet" I said and got the picture with the bracelet attached to it and showed it to them

"This is you and Ate May?" Kisses asked and I nodded my head

"I know that kid is me, and the bracelet, I have one exactly like it, I always keep it in my pocket for good luck" I said then pulled out my the matching bracelet from my pocket and Kisses covered her mouth

"Oh my gosh" I heard her say

"Wait so Ate May is Dale?" Marco asked and I nodded my head

"Why Dale though?" He asked and Kisses slapped the back of his head

"MaryDale nga pangalan ni Ate May diba?" Kisses said

"Ohhhh I get it now" He said

"Ang slow mo" She said then we heard the bathroom door opened and I hid the frame and the bracelet in my pocket

"Hey guys, what did I miss?" MayMay asked and we all looked at each other

"Just talking about where we're gonna sleep" I said and she nodded her head

"Basta ako sa kama ko" She said and then jumped on her bed

"Aray" I heard her mutter to her self, did she hurt herself?

"Ah Ate May me and Edward will sleep nalang in the other room you and Kisses and can sleep here" Marco said and she nodded her head

"Sige, pero dito muna kayo guys we can sleep late, we don't have school naman tomorrow eh" She said and we nodded our heads and jumped on her bed and we started to talk about random stuff.


"Ate May wake up!!!" I heard someone say and I groaned and buried my face in my pillow and I ignored them and I felt someone pull my blanket off and I groaned again

"Ate May wake up na, tanghali na!" I heard Marco say

"Marco patulugin mo na ako, it's Saturday naman eh" I said and I didn't even bother to open my eyes

"Ate May, it's almost 12" He said and I just sat up and opened my eyes

"Marco hayaan mo na ako, it's Saturday" I said and he shook head

"Ate May, if you sleep all day then you wouldn't be able to eat" He said

"Lunch time na Ate May" He said and I raised my arms

"Carry me" I said and he rolled his eyes and carried me, gosh he carries me like I'm a baby, parang ang gaan ko lang, but I just hugged him and closed my eyes.

"Ate May ha don't sleep" He said

"Oo" I said, and he brought me downstairs and to the kitchen and I smelled food.

"Ate May sit down na" Marco said and kumapit lang ako sa kanya like I was a koala

"Grabe ka Ate May, just eat and then you can do whatever you want, Edward cooked food for us na" I heard Kisses say and I opened my eyes and Marco put me on the stool and I looked around and I saw Edward cooking

"Ate May, you look so tired, what did you really do ba last night? Kasi wala pang 10 minutes ang usapan nating apat you were already asleep and you were the last one to wake up, are you okay?" Kisses asked and I gave her a smile and nodded my head

"I'm fine, just really tired" I said and the three of them looked at each other

"Well food's ready" Edward said and served the food, mmmm Adobo.

"Wow Adobo" I said and started to eat, and you can tell that I'm very hungry

"Te May hinay hinay lang, you might choke" Marco said and and I smiled

"Sorry, I'm hungry, and this is really good, where did you learn to cook like this Edward?" I asked Edward

"Thanks, I learned form my mom, she's a really good cook, I love her recipes" He said and I nodded my head and continued eating

"MayMay why do you have bruises on your arm?" He asked and I looked at my arm, shocks the make up rubbed off

"Umm kasi, ano kasi, nahulog ako kahapon sa hardant, after Kisses and Marco left" Palusot ko

"MayMay, you should be more careful" He said and I smiled and nodded my head

"I was in a hurry kasi" I said

"Ate May, Edward's right, you should be more careful" Kisses said and I nodded my head

"Why were you in a hurry ba?" Marco asked

"Umm baka kasi mag close yung store" I said and they nodded their heads and continued eating, gosh that was so close.

"Well what are we doing today?" I asked

"Umm well me and Marco need to go home, but I guess you and Edward can have the day all to yourselves" Kisses said and I nodded my head

"Okay, well Edward what are we gonna do today?" I asked him and he thought about it

"We can make gala, and we can go to the park" He said and I nodded my head, I love the park!

"Yaaasssss I love the park!!" I exclaimed

"It's true, Ate May loves the park, it's where we used to go as kids, and when she's in the park it's like it's another her, because she's like a kid" Marco said and Edward chuckled

"Well then I'll see a side of MayMay that I've never seen" He said and I nodded my head and continued eating, and then it was time for Marco and Kisses to go.

"Bye bebes" I said and kissed their foreheads and hugged them

"Edward ha, take care of Ate MayMay" Marco said and I just rolled my eyes

"Yah yah yah Edward will take care of me, do I have to hear this every time?" I asked and Kisses and Marco nodded their heads and I just groaned

"Bahala nga kayo" I said

"It's for your protection Ate May" Kisses said

"Fine" I said

"Okay lang, I'll take care of her" Edward said and they nodded their heads

"Well we'll go ahead na Ate May ha" Kisses said and I nodded my head and hugged them and Marco kissed my forehead and Kisses kissed my cheek and they got their stuff and walked out the door and I looked at Edward

"Well that leaves you and me" I said and he smiled and nodded his head


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