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Eve takes a seat in the middle of the jet as Cap helps Natasha stabilize the jet. Bucky stands near Eve with his arm holding onto the ceiling and Wanda takes a seat across from Eve.

"So what's your name?" Captain doesn't turn around to ask her.

"Eve," she says and leans back in her seat. Bucky looks down at her as she does so. She doesn't want to share much, but now she doesn't have a choice.

"Well, Eve, we know your file doesn't contain all of your information." Cap stands from his seat and walks to the back. He leans against the wall behind his seat. "Where are you from?"

"I don't know."

"How old are you?"

"I don't know."

"Well, you're going to need to remember something." Captain raises his voice and slams his fist against the wall. Bucky notices her eyes change from blue to red, signaling she was about to blow.

"Steve," Bucky says and nods him to come to him. They go in the back of the jet so she can cool down. "You can't just grill her like that."

"What am I supposed to do, Buck? I have Shield coming after us, major secrets being kept from me, and a girl that has powers we never knew of."

"You're right, but she's not the one you should be yelling at," Bucky says trying to calm him down. It works because Steve knows he is right. They both turn back to her and Bucky looks to see her eyes have changed back. They look at each other before talking again.

"Will you tell us what they did so we can help you?" Cap came over and sat next to her as Bucky remained standing.

"Fear motivates everyone," Eve said and kept her eyes low. She doesn't want to resonate on the things she's went through, she wants to move on.

The jet descended and landed on the runway of the Avengers compound. Bucky and Cap led Wanda, Natasha, and Eve out and into the building. They walked in silence up to the elevator. Natasha secured the building as Vision greeted us.

"What do I owe this pleasant surprise?" Vision walked up to Wanda and stood close to her.

"We have to hide her," Wanda explained.

"Very well." Vision led the group up to the second level. They walked into the living space and kitchen.

As they all sat, Eve remained standing and checked on her surroundings. She shifted her view to look around the outside of the complex. Everything seemed okay, but she heard a slight noise, a slight hum. She began going towards the noise. It was coming in the direction we came. A couple of miles out she saw a helicopter coming. Shield.

Her vision blurred as she was shaken by the shoulders. When she blinked, Bucky appeared him in front of her, his hands were gripping her shoulder. His metal hand made her shoulder cold as his face read confusion.

"They are coming." As soon as she said that the team immediately stood and went to their positions.

"Buck, you hide with Eve. They won't be looking for you," Cap said. Bucky nodded and began to lead her away, but she stopped him. They all watched her as she turned both of them invisible.

"That works," Natasha said with a laugh. As they all waited for the Shield agents, Bucky took steps back closer to Eve as he checked himself over. He was obviously amazed he was invisible. Eve couldn't help but smile a little at him.

Agents stormed up the stairs with guns at the ready. The man in charge stood in the middle and cockily walked up to Steve.

"Is all this really necessary?" Natasha joined the captain at his side while she asked him.

"It is when you steal one of my subjects," the man said with a cold look on his face.

"Subjects? She's human. Why do you want her so bad?"

"That is not a matter of your concern."

"Well, I'm afraid she isn't here."

"We'll see," the man said and pulled a small remote out of his pocket. "This should get her talking." The man pressed down on the button. Eve went rigid and began to gasp. Bucky quickly put his hand over her mouth and pulled her into his chest with her back into him.

An electric shock ran throughout her. It felt like daggers were stabbed all over and fire was everywhere. Eve quietly winced into Bucky's hand but nothing escaped. She knew she had to stay hidden.

Wanda took the remote in her red flares of light and crushed it, releasing Eve of her pain.

"You won't be needing that, she isn't here. Sorry, you can't do your job," Wanda spat at him. Eve's body went limp against Bucky, forcing him to catch her. He kept her standing by wrapping his arms across the front of her shoulders.

"Out. Now," Steve commanded as they all forced the team and man out just as Eve completely gave out and dropped the invisibility. Eve's eyes drooped as she barely stayed conscious. Bucky set her on the couch. She sat and leaned back exhausted.

The team rushed back as soon as the men left to see Bucky holding a cold towel to her forehead.

"That remote electrocuted her," Bucky explained while they surrounded her. He knows what will help her.

"There's a chip in the back of my neck," Eve said in weak fragments.

"We have to get it out." Bucky looked up to Steve to see if he was on the same page.

"I may be of assistance." Vision stepped forward and picked Eve up. He placed her over on the table and turned her head to the side. "Wanda, please put her to sleep."

Wanda stepped over and placed her hand to the side of Eve's head.

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