7.Coming out with Camila

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It's been a good few months since me and Camila have been together and I honestly can't belive I've finally found the one-at least I think so.But there's one thing on my mind that's been bothering me and that's prom cause I don't know what to do and I know that Camila's not ready to come out with the school together but I wanna be able to hold her,kiss her, and show off those sexy curves to everyone and show that she's MINE.I sit here alone in my thoughts trying to figure out what's gonna happen until I decided to talk to Camila face to face.

To My Cuban Goddess ❤:
Babe can you come over I wanna talk about something xx

From My Cuban Goddess ❤:
Yeh sure babe I'll be over in 10 see ya in a bit xxx

To My Cuban Goddess: See ya babe xxx

Camila POV
I'm glad that Y/N finally decided to tell me to come over cause I needed to talk to her about prom I don't know what to do cause I really want her to myself but then I don't wanna come out just yet I mean I haven't even told my parents yet I know that Y/N has told her mom but Y/N has more balls than me(Even though that's not possible)
I still wanted to do something about it cause I think about her all the time legit all the time but I afraid to lose her once I tell her my crazy plan.Even if she ends it I will be heartbroken but no matter where I am,who I'm with,what I'm doing she'll always be on my mind and that's a promise.

I was knocked out of my thoughts when I heard a knock at my front door and I knew it was Camila."Oh boy here we go" I said to myself.I opened the door to my beautiful girlfriend standing there we shared a passionate kiss before she came inside "I missed you babe," she exclaimed."I missed you too babe," I replied.

We sat on the couch both thinking the same thing until Camila finally spoke up "Baby we need to talk about prom," she implied, I looked at her with concern cause we both knew what was coming "Look babe I really love you I really do,but I'm not ready to come out just yet to the school and as much as I regret this I feel like we need to go out to prom with men," she exclaimed with worry,"Camila look I really really love you okay and it would kill me for anything to happen bewtween me and you cause I knew as soon as I laid eyes on you you were the one for me and I don't think I've ever fallen so deep in love before and when I look you in your eyes I fall for you a little more,when I'm with you I'm more comfortable being me and it's gonna take a lot of power to be able to keep my hands of you during prom,baby I need you and I don't wanna lose you and I will fight for you if I have to."

Camila POV
I felt a tear escape my eye as I hugged Y/N tightly with love,I can't believe she said all those things."Baby I love you too so so much,I'm so sorry that I'm not ready for this and I couldn't imagine the pain that putting you through but I don't care i want you and I don't care about anyone else's opinion cause I want you to be my date ever since I layed eyes on you,you're all I can think about,you're on my mind all the time it's true and I love you too much to ever let you go with someone else or break your heart,I don't care anymore I want you and all to myself so let's come out together we'll hold hands as we were into the school I don't care I'll even kiss you in front of everyone I honestly couldn't care anymore,as long as I've got you,I'm fine!" We both shared an embrace and cuddled while watching a movie together.

We were watching Finding Nemo and we were enjoying it then Camila knocked out she looked beautiful even when she was asleep,her beautiful locks covered her shoulders, her cute little button nose scrunched when it was itchy, and the way she kissed me was almost like she never wants to let me go, and I never want to let her go the way she holds me, she keeps me warm.I looked at the time 9:30 pm damn how long were we cuddling?!?!
I had to drop her off obviously "Mila babe I'll carry you home come on", I whispered.She held her arms out open for me as I picked her up. "Thank you, my strong gyal" she exclaimed as I wore a smile.As I was at her door step I rang the doorbell and waited,as soon as I heard the door open my eyes shot up to be met with a women wearing glasses with short hair i assumed this was her mom."I urrmm I'm Camila's best friend she fell asleep on my couch", I said with a slight smile."Ah you must be Y/N Camila always talks about you, and talks about how much of a good friend you are and to be honest I like you from what I've heard so far", she exclaimed with a toothless smile. Well I was glad that she liked me but I don't know how she'd react when she'll know I'm dating her daughter but oh well "You can carry her upstairs,I'm surprised you can carry her,you're a strong girl!" She exclaimed."Thanks," I said with a slight smile.As I carried Camila upstairs I couldn't stop thinking about what her dad might think I mean since I've never really talked to mine, since a horrible fight went down, but she's talked to me about her dad and he seems cool but I hope he'll accept me dating his beautiful daughter.I put Camila down on her bed and tucked her in I looked behind me to make sure her mom wasn't looking and planted a kiss on her lips "Goodnight babe", I whispered.As I was about to walk out i heard her "Goodnight baby,love you." As soon as I heard her say those words a smile was buried on my face.

As I headed downstairs her mom gave me a hug "Thank you for bringing Mila home none of her best friends end up carrying her!"She said "It's okay Mrs.Cabello!" I replied "Call me Sinu!" She exclaimed I smiled at her statement "No problem" I said.

As soon as I got home I plopped on my bed and smiled at the thought of Camila.This girl is something else.

Camila POV
I groaned as my alarm went off,I don't remember getting home all I remember is being at Y/N house and cuddling.My mom came in the room "Wake up Mija you need to go to school!" My mom shouted as she walked in my bedroom."Alright alright I'm up,but how did I get home yesterday?" I asked,my mum's face showed a smile as she proceeded to answer my question "Well it was around 10 o clock in the night and I heard a knock on the door,when I opened it i saw Y/N standing up with you in her arms,she was carrying you bridal style and you were asleep with your face nuzzled in her neck she took you to your bedroom and tucked you in," my mum finished with a smile on her face "she's a really good best friend" she exclaimed.I smiled at the thought of Y/N carrying me with her strong arms. "Urrmm mama can I talk to you about something?" I asked."Sure Mija,what's up?" She replied.I looked at her with worry."It's okay Mija you can talk to me".

"Mom do you like Y/N?" I asked "Of course Mija she's wonderful" she replied.Alright Camila come on tell her I'm sure she'll be fine with it,do it for Y/N."Okay mama I'm not straight...I like girls and boys but I'm gonna be honest with you, me and Y/N are more than just best friends were actually dating and we started a while ago I'm sorry for not telling you mama but I really do love her." I tried to avoid making eye contact with my mum afraid of what she'll say."Oh Mija it's okay i still love you you'll always be my precious daughter.My mum pulled me into a bone crushing hug while I smiled into the hug."Alright Mija come down stairs and get some breakfast," she gave me a kiss on the forhead and left.
Just as I was about to fall back in bed for an extra few minutes I saw my little sister Sofi walk in "what's up Sofi?" I asked "I knew you were bi Camila I could tell from the way you would look at girls and talk about them and I'm happy for you,"my sister said with a smile."Come here Sis!" My arms were open for her embrace.After we shared our sweet embrace I decided to get up and get ready.Can't wait to see my baby!

Alright guys get ready for some Drama that's coming sorry if there's any grammar mistakes in this chapter or any of that sh!t! Much love see ya in the next chapter. ❤❤❤

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