Chapter 31

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AN: Four more chapters until I plan to end this story.


-Gamzee P.O.V-

They seem to trust you a lot, but you know they shouldn't. You have a side of yourself that even your father is scared of, the world goes black, then you're suddenly covered in blood. You've tried finding ways to get it to stop, but every time, it always comes back. No wonder this cultist guy wants you, you're the perfect weapon once he finds what sets you off. It's nice here though, you'd hate to leave them, since it seems like they've all been through so much, but it's for their safety. You try putting your thoughts onto the page as best you can, you'd hate seeing their disappointed faces.

There's a side of me I can't control, and I don't want to hurt any of you. So I'll be leaving, it's for the best. I wish I could stay with you all a little longer, but this beast always tries killing people I'm close to. I'll come back when I can control it.

I'm sorry, Gamzee Makara

You read over it a few times, you even think about throwing it out. You leave the house with out a word, maybe you could stay with Kurloz, no, you could end up hurting him.

"Gamzee, just the person I was looking for." You hear a voice from behind you. You start running, trying to make your moves as unpredictable as possible so he can't track you. You've heard a lot of thing about this demon, he's said to be the most powerful demon n Earth, but you know that isn't true. Your family is known for being unbelievably powerful, but most can't control their powers, while demons like the Vantases are leaders by birthright, your an almost unstoppable force when angry, since that's usually when your powers are at their worst. You stop for a moment and try thinking of what makes you angry, and hope you don't go on a rampage.

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