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-Chapter 15

Teachings, Unveiled Scenarios, and Unexpected Happenings Pt.1

Lisa's Point of View:

"You dirty little cheater!" The girl lunged at Taehyung, faster than the speed of light. In a split second, I could already see her giving Taehyung slaps. On the other hand, he was struggling to catch her hands to prevent the slapping.

"It's not what you think!" He blurted while holding her hands firmly. Here I am, watching with wide eyes, unable to comprehend with my environment's happenings. Actually, I don't know what to feel with the current situation, should I be happy and celebrating that Taehyung was "sorta" suffering? Or should I feel some sympathy for the poor-but-rich man? 

"You should have thought of a more original one beforehand." She spoke toughly, then gave him a kick in the most sensitive part of a man's body. He groaned in pain as her expression was replaced with a victorious smirk.

Here I am, still having a debate about the girl standing across me. Is that her? She has changed so much!

"Hey! You didn't have to go that far!" He shouted while still struggling to stand straight.

"It's not my fault you decided to join my ride." She said casually, blowing her nails. Right now, I am confused with what just happened.

So my old friend came in and assumed that Taehyung was cheating on her (with me), then some dialogues, and kicked him in the groin. Now, she acted like nothing happened after what she just did in public and says that "he decided to join her ride".

Okay, what exactly is happening?

"Analyze the flaws, Liz." I heard some voice and surprisingly it wasn't the usual one of the author's.

It was Jungkook's.

I scratched my head in frustration as I glared at the Math homework infront of me. "When is this thing ever gonna be right?" I glanced at the boy beside me, he was just there, waiting for me to finish my stupid assignment as he finished way - way ahead of me since he was the "Math-Wizard" of the class afterall.

"This one is incorrect, you've jumbled your variables, do it again." He spoke while pointing at my somehow "incorrect solution". I groaned as this has been the nth time he said that.

"Come on, Kook. Give me a hint." I told him pleadingly and he sighed to say something but I interrupted him. "For the sake of saving mother Earth Jungkook, just point the wrong thing out." I gazed at my disoriented scratch paper with has been full of my hardly understandable scribbles.

"Fine, do you see this?" His index finger motioned towards my recent solution and I nodded. "-ab isn't equivalent to c, Lisa, it means that -ab has a different answer. Also, look for what is missing from the norm." He shook his head disapprovingly and I finally got it. I missed the sign.

Okay, I don't know why it popped up in my mind but it helped a bit I guess.

Analyze the flaws and look at what's different from the norm...

In the movies, whenever cliché scenes of catching cheaters pop up, the person also goes for the person whom the cheater is cheating with, which is me in this scenario.

But why didn't she attack me?

"It was all an act?" I asked the familiar girl who is currently standing while checking her nails. She looked at me and had an unfazed expression about my sudden appearance and I am really really confused now.

"Yeah." She got a chair from a nearby vacant table and settled herself infront of the table.

"You do know I support of your acting but you didn't have to go that far, Jennie Kim." The boy in pain spoke.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I had to do it. Consider it equal now."

"How the heck is that equal? I only finished the toothpaste and you had to kick me in the manhood!" He exclaimed and she rolled her eyes.

"Not for that reason you idiot, first you didn't give me a glass of water last Tuesday, then you stole my newly cooked chicken, third, you allowed people to have a party in the house without my consent, now, you left your-"

"Yeah, yeah, now can someone help me file a, umm.." Taehyung stuttered while trying to think of the correct term.

"Child abuse case against me?" Jennie continued his sentence with a sinister smile. I laughed at their not so serious argument and forgot that I knew her from before at that moment.

"Whatever." The boy shivering at the pang of pain and shock retorted. I smiled at the two of them exchanging words.

"So yeah, Jennie Kim, Taehyung's neighbor, you?" She reached her hand out towards me. I took it and shook it.

She really did forget me.

My heart ached at the thought of my high school best friend forgetting about my existence.

Something must've happened.

"Lalisa Manoban." I mustered a smile with teeth shown. Well, I must say "Kim Taehyung and Jennie Kim's bantering" has entertained me alot more than those repeating shows I see everytime I channel surf.

I guess I just have to tell her another time.

Subsiding my sad thoughts, I just decided to pay attention to the ongoing conversation.

"Touché, I thought you were gonna say Landon." Taehyung joined in, making Jennie confused.

"It's a long story." I whispered to her and she nodded. I faced Taehyung and looked at him teasingly.

"Hmm, where's Talia?" I looked everywhere besides Taehyung who is sitting infront of me with my whole hand over my eyes, shading it.

"Oh! There she is." I pointed at Taehyung with arms crossed and he just rolled his eyes at me. Jennie and I chuckled loudly at him.

"Grow up, Lisa. That's old." He gave me that disgusted face and I only stuck my tongue out.

"Well, if I would grow up, you would too, old man." I flicked his forehead and he rubbed it.

"My body's already in pain, why do you have to add some more?!" He groaned and we laughed.

I didn't notice that the crowd has turned back to normal and we had already finished our food so we flew out of the area. We bade our goodbyes to Jennie, by we, I meant me and myself because Taehyung here is still mad at her for kicking him.

"So yeah, I forgive you now. I guess karma made its way, and somebody else did it for me." I smiled and he only gave out a blank expression . Well, Jennie did actually do it for me unknowingly.

"Taehyung? Hello? Earth to Taehyung?" I waved at his face, and he went back to normal.

"Lisa! Watch out!"

-Chapter 15 End

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