Chapter 13

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MayMay's POV:

After I was done eating threw my trash and then I felt someone pull me and he/she covered my mouth and we were now outside the cafeteria and the person took his/her hand off of my mouth. Then I looked at the person and it was Paulo?

"What do you need from me?" I asked him

"I need you to get Edward away from Heaven" He said and I just looked at him

"But they already broke up" I said

"I know, but I know Edward's plan and I know you're his fake girlfriend, and I know he's trying to make Heaven jealous and it's working so I need you guys to stop" He said, I don't want to disappoint Edward, I promised him that I was gonna help him get Heaven back.

"No" I said and he just looked at me

"Did you say no?" He asked and I nodded my head

"You don't know what I can do to you!" He said

"I am not afraid of you, and you can make me suffer all you want but I am not disappointing Edward!" I exclaimed and he chuckled

"Awww sweet naman, kadiri" He said and I just glared at him

"Fine you're willing to do everything to help Edward?" He asked and I nodded my head and he choked me and I had troubles breathing and I was beginning to get dizzy

"Then go to the field every night at 7" He said and I nodded my head and he released my neck form his grip and I coughed and coughed and he walked away. I went back in the cafeteria and walked to our table and sat down on my seat and they all looked at me

"MayMay are you okay?" I heard Edward ask and I nodded my head. I promise Edward I will do everything so that you can get Heaven back, even if it means that I get hurt because I promised you that I will help you, and I never break promises.


It's now 6:30 and I'm going to school and it took a while to convince Marco and Kisses to leave me alone, but I have to do this. So I wore leggings and my hoodie and then I prayed and then I went down and went out the door and walked to school and it was really dark so I turned on the flashlight of my phone and went to the field and waited for Paulo, after a few minutes I saw someone walking towards me and it was Paulo and I stood up

"Well what do you need me to do?" I asked him and he smirked at me

"Well you don't need to do anything, in fact you just have to stand there and I'll let the girls do the rest, because I am a guy and I don't hit girls, girls you can start now" He said and then three girls walked up to me and started to hit me and slap me and they kept on doing that and I coughed up blood, they punched and slap me and tortured me for about 10 minutes, I guess this is what I have to go through every night.

"Okay girls you can stop now" I heard Paulo say and they stopped and I heard footsteps near me

"Ano payag ka na?" He asked

"No" I said and he chuckled

"You made the wrong decision, then you have to go back here every night" He said and then they walked away and left me here alone and in pain. I tried to stand up and my whole body hurt, di bale na tiis lang May, this is for Edward naman eh, if he really loves Heaven then do this for they're happiness. Every move I make my body hurts, it felt like an hour till I got home and I saw that Mama's car wasn't in the driveway again, I guess she's not here na naman. I went in the house, but then I heard three voices in there. Shocks it sounds like Kisses, Marco and Edward, nako patay na! I wiped my blood with the sleeve of my hoodie and put on my hood and went in and I saw their heads turn to me

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