Chapter Forty - Ravelling

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The Volant landed on the main boarding bridge as the sun began its descend into sunset. The sky presented lavender and fusha mixes that would deepen into a navy dusk in the hours to come. A slight breeze warmed his skin as the landing board dropped below. Freshness of the air was evidence the storms had cleared, painting a prepossessing evening. His mother would had loved to see this sunset, she loved them and he never really knew why. Maybe it's how beautiful something can be without knowing it would soon be destroyed by darkness.

This just might be the clearest sky Ekeqon had seen in years. But, even though the weather had uplifted, grey clouds loom over the moon in the distance.

Three dozen of his defense officers descend, trudging forward. Their silvery uniforms lighten as the setting sun beamed onto them. He cannot see them now, but the crowd below awaited in silence.

Mei was next. Guarded by her personal officers, she began down the landing. Drifting to her place on the bridge, her pale skin glowed and her features looked softer under the light. He saw obstinacy in her eyes as they stared straight ahead awaiting for the others to disembark.

General Sokolov stormed his way downward, his strides heavy and long. The prisoners fall behind him, their hands in cuffs. A small smirk displayed his enjoyment in the whole matter at hand. Controlling the prisoners, watching them thresh and scuffle in the arms of the officers forcing them across the bridge. General Sokolov relished in the sight.

Jav was careful to not stare long at the prisoners. This was mainly for one reason; Avianna. If he stared for too long, the others may become interested in her as well. He cannot let anyone knowing what she was. This also meant he had to watch Kennet carefully. He would use what he knows about her to get him any kind of freedom. Kennet never did anything without purpose. His agenda was bigger than finding a way to gain more abilities through Ava.

Jav admired a man who could use what little information he had to buy him a personal gain, but with Avianna being on the downfall side of this scheme, he had to be cautious.

He only caught sight of Avianna for a second in the light, and her hair shimmered in the lightest form of caramel. It had been so long since he'd seen her hair shine in natural light. He didn't remember it being this beautiful. And, distracting.

He cannot afford any distractions.

Looking ahead, he prepared himself to descend. It was now his turn to exit. He was the one everyone awaited, the one everyone held their breath for even—the Prince of Knox.

Two dozen of his personal officers trudge down. He plunged downward after them, his face stern yet steadfast. The last bit of shadow vanished from his body as he stepped foot on the bridge, the glow of the sun shining a golden hue on him. The energy of the crowd was overwhelmingly strained.

Comprised at the end of the bridge boarding square were the eight members that make up the Assembly in the Reeno Region of Ekeqon. They were in the headquarters, the city Hesmec. The Assembly's leader, Jamane Quaryon, wore a shy smile as he approached her.

"Welcome, Chief Commander Jav," her brittle voice did not match the poise she presented. Such calm on the outside, yet a raging storm thundered within her. Seeing as his last encounter with them didn't end favorably for them, she still held rancorous feelings towards him. This was expected.

"Director Quaryon," he nodded glancing at the rest of the assembly. Each one had dyed their hair, colors ranging from plum to neon yellow. The clothing they bore on their backs were colorful with such striking designs it almost made his head hurt. It would make sense the people here fill their head and clothing with such extravagance due to the blandness of the terrain they call home. The rain also destroyed their hair color, and most material's deteriorate with the harsh climates.

"I see you have brought special guests," Director Quaryon's derision gaze fell upon the prisoners.

"Yes, the prisoners. If you could kindly keep them in your penitentiary until my father arrives."

"King Kane is coming here?" her eyes dart back to Jav, the purple hue of them deepening.

"Did your relations director not inform you?" he narrowed his eyes.

"It must have slipped in the briefings. I assure you—"

"I hope your assembly is prepared Director Quaryon. There is much business to discuss. I would hope your relations director updated you on all my demands.

"Of course they have—"

"Is your square being cleared for tomorrow's activities?" He raised his brows, glancing at the rest of the Assembly. Director Quaryon annoyed him. He wasn't quite sure why the Assembly had continued her lead. She wasn't forceful or had a mind of her own. She let other make decisions for her. Perhaps she had no motivate to let Reenon thrive. And maybe it was just what the Assembly wanted with the moons current state.

"Oh, uh—"

"We will be holding executions. I expect your units would have already begun on that?" he looked between the regulators and officers behind her. Most don't make eye contact. It would be best if they didn't.

"Executions?" Director Quaryon raised her brow in interest.

"Surely, it could be done here?"

"Of—course—sir," her voice broke in-between her words. Blinking whatever lied within her thoughts that distracted her. She gave him a small smile gesturing her hand to the bridge's runway. "Shall we discuss matters further in our quarters?"

A smirk rose on Jav's lips. More to the fact that an execution would bring in much needed money from the citizens. He knew why Director Quaryon's spirits suddenly changed. People loved executions, celebrated them even, on Ekeqon. Executions gave people something to poor their hate into, their rage onto. Ekeqon had suffered and continued to suffer through food shortages, with the climate of the moon growing into an overwhelming potent. The people here need entertainment, something they hadn't seen in years. No doubt Director Quaryon was envisioning all the wealth the city was about to consume in this event.

"I also want to be shown to your penitentiary. I like to know where my prisoners will be kept."

"I assure you Lead Commander Jav, prisoners are kept in a most secure area. There's no escaping for them."

"I won't ask again Director Quaryon," he stepped closer to her. This made her uncomfortable and she gave a small smile and lead the way.

The bridge that connected them towards the Assembly's headquarters was long, the water beneath them almost skimming the sides of the bridge. His steps were loud and purposeful next to Director Quaryon's quick, and short strides.

As he walked he sensed the strong fire burning inside of Avianna. He would know her energy anywhere. The wavelengths that vibrated with his created a rhythm that pounded inside him, causing his heart to occasionally skip whenever she was close.

She wouldn't be dragged down the bridge along with the other prisoners until he was entering the city doors. This was to protect him and his command. Little does the Assembly know, he was the one they should worry about.

A strong force entered his energy abruptly. It almost caused him to stop and hold his head. He's felt this energy many times, the sinister of it familiar. It wasn't Avianna's energy.

His father was in orbit.

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