This should be normal....right?

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**Kirishimas POV**

I heard a knock on my door. Was it Sero? I really have to get over this crush on Bakugou. It got so bad that it's making everyone worry about me.

Whoever was there knocked again, I groaned getting up from my bed. I was tired but, I opened the door.

The least I expected was Bakugou at my door, shit. The only time I'm not in the right mind to see him and he's actually here.

"Oi, shitty hair you have that game on your DSI right?" Bakugou asked. He must be wanting to borrow it. I took the game card he played during our study session and gave it to him.

"No Dumbass! I meant to ask if you want to play it together!" He shouted. Why is he mad? Wait he's asking me to play with him? Was this his way of asking to hangout?

"Sorry, Bakugou. I'd love to but, umm I'm really tired from today. I kept getting distracted in practicals and almost fell asleep during class so, I really need a good rest."

"....Alright, I won't force you." He says, smiling sadly. God, why is he making this more difficult for me? Then, he reaches out and gently ruffles my red hair.

"..Get better.." He muffles out then, walks back to his room. Did that just happen? I shut the door and sat on my bed.

Why did he just do that? Doesn't he have a girlfriend already? Ok,ok,ok I'll just sort this out in the morning cause I need some damn sleep.

**3rd Person**

The next day, Kirishima ended up walking with Bakugou to class. He tried to act normal around Bakugou so, he started conversation.

"W-Why did you want to play that game with me yesterday Bakugou? It's unexpected you would wanna hang out like that suddenly." Nailed it.

"Shut up! I just wanted to beat your ass at it. Flat Face and Pikachu were unexpectedly good at it and bested me."

Kirishima chuckled

"Well then, we should all play together sometime! You could brag all you want about beating me."

Bakugou laughs. He run his hand trough kirishimas spiky hair quickly. Kirishima froze at the gesture, his face and his ears getting red.

"T-T-That's knew. You never really showed physical affection to anyone! You really are opening up to people huh?" Kirishima managed to let out, his face was turning redder with every stutter.

"..I've only been doing that to you.." Bakugou said under his breath. Kirishima still heard it nonetheless and was blushing even harder.

'What,what,what???? This guy has a girlfriend already????? But, it's so hard to get over him, he's bring all cute!!!'
'..Did I just say cute??..'
Kirishima thought internally. They didn't say anything more as they walked, just incredibly awkward silence..

They went inside the classroom and to Kirishimas dismay Bakugou was already approaching Uraraka.

"Oi Kirishima! Over here!" He saw Mina with Hagakure, Sero and Kaminari.

"Hey guys! What's going on?" He said cheerfully. He smiled genuinely this time.

"What's going on with your poor choices in lovelife!" Kaminari suddenly scolded.

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