Chapter 16: Found You

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"Thank you for this." Lawless said.

"Its fine. This room will be safe for now, Lets just hope that they don't need to find you and him." Iza said.

"Why? Something matter?" Lawless ask.

"Yes, You were out for like half of a month." Iza explain which crimson red eyes widen.

"What!?" Lawless said in shock.

"You heard me, Your out for like half of a month." Iza said it again.

Lawless can't believe what he is hearing. "Tell me what happen."

Iza nod and tell Lawless what happen, The 8 days were Licht was in illusion machine, she explains what it do to Licht and How Licht get out. Then How they lock up Licht in the room below, the last room below for another week and Lawless was being experimented again so they can create a 9th servamp. Lawless was shock and got angry in the same time. C3 were not ashame at what they did to them, because of them everything crumbled as a once strong family.

Iza felt Lawless angry and she move next to Unconscious Licht. Lawless soon calm down since this whole thing won't be fixed when he will range in anger. Lawless look at Licht and sat down.

"What shall we do?" Lawless ask.

"Don't you have any sub classes?" Iza ask. Lawless nod.

"But how can I contact them, I don't have my phone and probably its already smash." Lawless said.

Iza sigh. "I can provide a phone, but first we need to go up for service. Do you know that your on the 12th floor under ground out of 20?" Iza explain.

Lawless got more shock. "WHAT!?" Lawless said.

"Pls I'm not joking. C3 did really this kind of base and its not easy to escape. And the only way up was the stairs that was glad not destroyed the stairs going up." Iza said.

Lawless well look away. "Well part of it was already destroyed but we can still go upstairs but its gonna involve a long Jump.

"And I don't think In this state Todoroki-san can jump." Iza look at unconscious Licht.

"Oh God! How do we end Up here!" Lawless said in frustration.

"Told you that They prison Todoroki-san on the 20th floor underground in the last room to keep you two separated. And if I'm correct you were in 7th Floor." Iza said.

"God, I shouldn't go down." Lawless said.

"Then You won't see Todoroki-san won't you?"Iza said.

"Yeah Your right about that." Lawless said with a smile.

Iza smile back, it seems she was weong about the servamp.

"Are you really this nice or Just pretending?" Iza ask. Lawless narrowed.

"Well, it seems I'm wrong. C3 said that all Servamp and Vampires are mean." Iza said.

Lawless smirk. "Yeah, thats what they always say. We are monsters." Lawless said.

Iza look at Lawless she can sense sadness in them.

"You? Why did you work for C3?" Lawless ask.

"One of Melancholy's servamp killed my parents with no mercy. That stupid Pink Haired Freak a Stupid Green haired Freak! Those two attack my parents while we were in the park. I was hiding behind a Tree when That Pink haired Freak drink dry my mother and That green haired Freak did the same to my Father. I was angry at that time and C3 was the only one who accept me, I have no family other than my younger brother who is in the age of 7 its been 3 years since our parents death." Iza said looking down.

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