"Breakfast is here!" Sally said setting the food on the table.
"Sally, where is Zack's chair?" Jayden asked her.
"Sorry, I forgot to put it back here. He ate in the playroom yesterday morning so I moved it there and then ate his lunch and dinner sitting in Julia's lap. It completely slipped my mind." She said and hurried inside.

This is good. Zack's chair between ours. This feels comfortable.
"Zack, say Aaa..." Jayden said placing a spoon in front of Zack's mouth.
They look so cute. Jayden seems different every time I see him.
"I will do that. You can eat your breakfast." I said to Jayden.
"You don't have to worry about him." He said not looking at me.
He cares so much about his son. I think he is the best father.

"Zack, say bye to Daddy." I said to Zack.
"Bye, Daddy!" He said waving to his dad.
Jayden waved back to him as he sat in his car.

I took him to his playroom and put him down. He started playing with his car.
"Do you need something?" Sally asked me.
"Sally! Come, sit." I said to her.
She came and sat next to me. She looked at Zack and smiled.
"He seems more happy and cheerful." She said smiling.
"I wanted to talk to you." I said.
She looked at me.
"Actually, yesterday I forgot to ask, how many people live in this mansion?" I asked her.
"Oh, it's my fault. I forgot to mention about this yesterday. Only you, Zack and Jayden live here. All the working staff is provided with house ten minutes from here. All of us come early in the morning and leave after completing our work at night." She said.
Only the three of us live here?! I didn't think I will be living here. So, I am allowed to live here because of Zack. Otherwise, there is no reason for Jayden to let me live here.
"Jayden never used to come home before he got married to madam. He was always working but he changed that after she came into his life." She said with a smile then shook her head.
"There are five maids who take care of cleaning and everything else in this mansion. The two gardeners take care of the garden and trees lining the sides of the road till the main entrance of this area. There is a lot of security on Mr. & Mrs. Anderson orders. Jayden doesn't like that. He never takes his security seriously nor did madam. They thought that it's just waste to appoint people when they can take care of themselves. But, they couldn't get rid of the security near this mansion." She said.
She always changes the topic soon after she starts talking about madam.
"Is there any threat? I mean this security." I asked her. Maybe that's why he didn't want me to take Zack anywhere.
"No, it's not like that. It's just Mr. & Mrs. Anderson will feel safe only after this security. They have always been busy with their work so they wanted this security so that they can feel at ease with their son. They love Jayden but never have time for him." She said.
"So, Zack's grandparents never come home?" I asked her.
"They do. They come every year on Zack's birthday. Before they never got time. That's why Jayden hates them. He thinks that they don't care about him but in reality, they love him dearly. When Jayden was five years old, their business was at a great loss, their company was about to go bankrupt, that's when Mr. & Mrs. Anderson left Jayden in my care and immersed themselves in work. From then on, all they did was to work. They want to give Jayden and now Zack a secure future so that he never has to see a day when he will have to leave Zack for work. Jayden never tries to understand them. And now the distance between them is so much that it's impossible to bring them closer. Even madam failed in bringing them close." She said. She looks really sad.
So, it's all Jayden's misunderstanding.
"Umm... what about madam's parents? Don't they come to meet Zack?" I asked her. She said that madam used to help her dad in his business then that means they were close.
"They used to come a lot but Jayden asked them not to come here after madam died. He said that if they come here without any reason then he will take Zack and leave this country and won't even tell them where he is going. I don't understand why he did this when he used to consider them as his own parents. But, if Jayden did this then there must be a reason behind that he won't tell anyone." She said.
What reason could it be?
"Sorry, Julia. I really have something to do now. I will introduce you to everyone else during Zack's nap time." She said getting up.
"It's ok." I said to her as she left the room.
Wow!! Jayden is really something. He refuses to understand his parents and now banned madam's parents.
I don't know what to think about him. The more I know about him the more confused I get. What is he in reality?! He seems arrogant and rude but then he smiles and cry, he shows anger and strictness for some then I see his love for his son and late wife. I don't know what he is? What is his true nature? He always frowns at me for no reason but then looks at me with sad eyes. He confuses me!

Zack is asleep and Sally already introduced me to everyone. For some reason, Sally and Jayden were shocked to see me but everyone else was normal about it. I thought that there was something wrong but maybe I am thinking too much. Jayden and Sally must be shocked because Zack called me mommy. That should be the reason for them to be that shocked. I really am stupid for overthinking too much. I should...
"She really looks like Alice!" I heard someone say as I was walking through the hall. I peeked in the room and saw Shelley and Amanda
"I know! I was so shocked!!" Amanda said.
"Who is Alice?" I asked them curiously. I haven't met anyone named Alice yet. Maybe she too works here and Sally must have forgotten to tell me about her.
"No one!" Shelley said with wide eyes.
"What are you doing here, Julia?" Amanda asked me.
"Zack is sleeping and I was bored. So, I thought to help you out." I said and smiled.
"We are good. We don't need any help." Shelley said and they both left to do the dusting somewhere else leaving me standing there.
Weren't they acting weird or was that my imagination?! We're they trying to hide something? But, I don't think there is anything to hide. I am overthinking again!
But, who is Alice? If she was their friend then they would have said so but they just ignored the question.
I will ask Sally.

It's really long chapter and I really had to restrain myself from continue writing because I thought it will become too lengthy and then maybe you will feel bored.😅

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