Chapter 9

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He is crying!! Why??
I don't know what to do!!!

"Jayden..." I whispered.

His eyes grew wide and he turned away, wiped his tears and then turned to face me.
"What do you want?" He asked me in a stiff tone.
What do I want? I don't know. I want to know why he is crying. I want to hug him and comfort him and say that everything's gonna be fine. But, I can't do that!
"Do you have something to say?" He asked little irritated.
Do I have something to say? I don't know. Did I come here to say something? I don't remember anything. All I know now is that I want to tell him that I am here for him but I can't possibly say that. My mind is such a mess!!
He sighed.
"If there is nothing then go to your room. It's already late." He said and walked past me.
I just stood there, my mind completely blank. My legs won't move.
It's such a shock to see him like this. I could never have thought that he, Jayden, the guy I thought to be most arrogant and rude can cry. I think I have been wrong about him from the start. I will try to see the good side of his. A person who can cry alone cannot have a stone heart.

I managed to reach my room. I opened the door and glanced in his bedroom's direction before entering.
My phone!! I quickly picked up the call.
"Hello!" I said in a quiet voice glancing at Zack. Thank God! He didn't wake up.
"Someone said that she will call me but she seems too busy after leaving me alone here." Charles said in a taunting way. He must be pouting too.
I smiled listening to his voice.
"Sorry! I was going to call you." I whispered.
"Liar!" He said. I can imagine him pouting. He must is looking so cute.
"Are you lonely? You must be missing me." I asked him.
"I miss you so so much!! The house feels so empty without you." He said in a crying tone.
I giggled.
"Then, call over Deven." I said taunting him.
"Julia!!!" He shouted.
He must be blushing!! I giggled again.
"What?" I asked giggling.
"When are you coming tomorrow? We will go together to tell your workplace about you quitting." He said changing the subject.
"About that... I don't think I will be able to come." I said sighing.
"What??? Why???" He asked.
"Jayden didn't give me permission to go. Maybe because he doesn't want me to take Zack with me or leave Zack at home. He said that he already sent a letter in my name." I said trying to make meaning of Jayden's no.
"Hmm... we can't do anything about it then. I will go on your behalf." He said. He is so understanding.
"Thank you so much, Charles! God!! I really miss you!!" I said. I really miss him so much!!!
"I know. I know. Me too! Go and sleep, it's already this late. I am in the middle of my job." He said.
"Oh Yeah! You must be at the diner! How is everyone there? Are they missing me? Did you tell them that I left the job?" I asked excitedly.
"Calm down! You met everyone yesterday so everyone is the same as usual. And I told them about your new job. They miss you too." He said chuckling.
"It feels so long." I said feeling homesick.
Even though I am living here and I love being with Zack but I still miss being home, working in the place with people who became my friends.
"Charles, go back to work. I will try to sleep." I said to him. The more I talk to him, the more I will feel like going back.
"Ok. Good night." He said.
"Good night." I replied hanging up the call.
I sighed. I should probably sleep now. This day has been really long and a lot of things happened today.

"Zack! Don't run!" I said running behind him.
"Daddy!!!" He said and ran towards him.
Jayden is already in the dining room. So, Zack wanted to come to his dad.
He took Zack and sat him on his lap.
He looked at me who was standing near the door.
I looked away. Seeing his face makes me remember yesterday.
"What? Go and sit." He said.
I nodded and sat on the opposite chair.
"Mommy!! Here!" Zack said pointing to the chair next to him.
I looked at Jayden. He kept looking at Zack.
"Sit here." He said suddenly to my surprise.
I hesitantly got up from my chair and sat on the chair next to him.
Zack lifted his arms towards me. I took him in my arms and he sat down in my lap. I feel so uncomfortable sitting next to him. I don't know, I feel like saying so much but then I am just a nanny and I only came yesterday, I am in no place to say him anything.

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