Chapter 12

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MayMay's POV:

When we got to school Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and we all walked to our lockers and Edward went with me just for show and because his locker was near mine. When we got to our locker I fixed my stuff and got the books that I needed and then we went to his locker and he fixed his stuff and I just stared at him, he really is cute, he's so handsome, and he's so kind pa, I wonder why Heaven broke up with him, he's perfect kaya, well for me he is. Uyyyy MayMay what the heck are you saying?! Remember you cannot fall in love, you'll just get hurt all over again. I snapped out of my thoughts when Edward closed his locker and he looked at me

"Let's go na?" He asked and I nodded my head and he wrapped his arm around my waist again, and to be honest kinikilig ako, when we got to class we saw that Marco and Kisses were already there and we walked to our seats and sat down. We were in a middle of a conversation but then in the corner of my eye I saw Heaven and Paulo walk in and I saw that Edward looked at them and I felt really bad for him. He really loves Heaven, but then Heaven just broke his heart, basta if Heaven really makes him happy then I will help him to get her back. I put my hand on his shoulder and he looked at me and I gave him a smile

"Don't mind them, I'll help you" I said and he gave me a smile 

"Thank you MayMay" He said and I nodded my head and took my hand off of his shoulder and then our teacher came in and class started, hayyyyy stress talaga ang school. 


It was now lunch time and we were on the way to the cafeteria and MayMay went to go buy food while we just talked for a while. 

"So tell me more about MayMay" I said and they looked at each other 

"Well she's very very hyper most of the time, and she's very positive, she's very caring, kind, beautiful and she's always smiling, but behind that smile there's a story. Me and Ate May were still in the 5th grade and she would always tell me stories about her past with her childhood best friend, his name was Edward daw, same name as you Edward, and they were very close daw back when Ate May was still in Camiguin but then that Edward kid had to move somewhere daw so they were separated. Ate May was alone at that time, she didn't have anyone to talk to because her best friend's gone, but then she moved here and we met in the 5th grade and we became very close, then yun na nga she started to talk to me about Edward. Then we became Grade 6, one day we were just playing catch in her garden in front of her house and then the ball rolled to the road and she went to get it but then there was a truck going to her and she didn't see it, but I tried to warn her but it was too late, the truck hit her, it was a hit and run the truck didn't even bother to stop and see if she was alright, she was left there on the road looking lifeless, she was full of blood and I was crying by that time na, I was so mad at myself, because I could have gotten that ball myself but no, I blame myself for what happen to her. So I screamed for help and then her grandma and grandpa came out of the house and saw Ate May and they started crying and called 911, then after that whole thing she lost her memory, so we helped her remember everything, I said sorry to her and to her grandparents and said that it was all my fault, but they were really kind people, they said that's it's alright, as long as Ate May was safe. I didn't tell her about her past anymore, I didn't tell her about Edward anymore, baka masaktan siya eh" Marco said and all of us just looked at him

"Wow, MayMay's been through a lot" I said and Marco and Kisses nodded their heads 

"That's why we're so protective of Ate MayMay and that's why we're always with her because we don't want anything like that to happen ever again" Marco said 

"Even if I wasn't there when it happened I still want to keep her safe, because we don't want to lose Ate May, she's our Ate" Kisses said and we nodded our heads 

"Grabe pala talaga ang pinagdaanan ni MayMay" Nikko said and we all nodded our heads 

"Saan na kaya yung Edward na yun?" Mccoy asked

"It sounds like my story when I was a kid, I also used to live in Camiguin, though I wasn't born in Camiguin, but yah I also met a girl and she became my best friend but her name was Dale" I said and they all looked at me and Marco and Kisses whispered to each other, then MayMay came back with her food

"Sorry if I took long, what did I miss?" She asked 

"Wala naman" Marco said and MayMay just smiled and nodded her head and ate her food. What if MayMay and Dale are one? 


That's it for now, waahhhh it's getting interesting!!! Mwaahahahaha , I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, thank you for reading, and I have nothing to say anymore so buh-byeeeeeee!!

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