Ch. 5 - 1776!

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JACE: Okay, I just did something I thought I'd never do...

TREVOR: What? 

JACE: I just went to the Keene Public Library to do research

TREVOR: You? Went to the library?

JACE: Yeah? So?

ZOE: Aw, leave him alone, Trevor

TREVOR: No, but I thought you, of all people Jace, believed this whole thing was a hoax

JACE: I did

...until Paige showed us the Arnold family pictures from hell! I'm totally fascinated!!

PAIGE: Wait what did Jace do?

TREVOR: He just got back from the library


JACE: It's not that inconceivable you guys

PAIGE: Oh, no! Of course not!

...I didn't mean...

...I'm sorry

BIANCA: Wait? Wait? What did I miss?

...I'm too lazy to scroll up and read the conversation

ZOE: Jace just got back from the library

...and he went all on his own

...nobody put a gun to his head or anything

BIANCA: Oh, Jace! That's wonderful! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

JACE: Guys, I'm not six

...I have been to the library before

...actually, I kind of like it

...very few people there

...ANYWAY, I think I've cracked this case wide open!

PAIGE: Did you find something interesting?

JACE: Did I ever!

...I discovered what the BIG town secret is

...what everyone is trying to hide!

BIANCA: Show us! Show us!!

JACE: I don't know, B... seemed pretty spooked by the pictures we looked at last time

BIANCA: I was just a little unsettled, that's all! 

...I'm much tougher than you think, you know...

...and if you disagree

...I'll have to fight you on it!  (ง'̀-'́)ง


...okay, well like I said

...I'm pretty sure I've figured out the big town secret

...and here it is...









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