It wasn't necessarily a lie, we just hadn't found out where we stood with each other. How to compromise on what meant the most.

"I'm happy to hear that. I know I was a dick about the whole thing at the beginning but I know how happy you are. How happy you make him and I know I'm wrong" his sincerity hurt, he had finally came around but it didn't feel victorious like I thought it would. He could find peace even if he was a jealous bastard.

"Thanks" I smiled. I and Harry could be friends, we could do normal things like have supper together and not fight.

We finished our pizza and began walking back to my place. The sun had set leaving the outside dark, Harry insisted that he walk me up to my door and so I let him.

Fishing my keys out of my purse, I explained to him the vision I had for Tom's place. He seemed amused, hanging onto my every word. I liked this Harry, the old Harry.

"Can I come in for a moment?" He asked his voice dropping, Harry nervously stood beside the open door as I went inside.

His demeanour worried me and so I couldn't say no. He needed someone and I would be there. I couldn't possibly turn him away, I nodded letting him inside.

Leading him into the living room, I kicked off my heels wondering what it could be that had been bothering him. Had something gone awry with Noel? Was he leaving again after spending a few months in New York?

Sitting down on the couch beside him, I sighed.

"What's wrong Harry?"

His finger played with the rings on his one hand and he took a moment to collect himself.

"Why did you go to the pharmacy the other weekend, after we, you know?" He made a weird motion with his hands between us and despite it being a sore subject I tried not to laugh.

But when I thought of the answer to give him, I got a bit heated. The answer was a bit crude and I didn't know if I could say it.

"Uh, you came in me and I wasn't on birth control at the time and I freaked out. I don't want a baby right now and so it was the only thing I could do" the response was cringe-worthy, a proverbial ripping off the band-aid.

Harry's eyes widened, the colour draining from his face "Clearly I'm a cocker sucker when drunk. I wouldn't have done that unless of course, you wanted me to. But we'll never do that again so.."

We both apparently had an issue with nervous rambling. I never thought to tell him the dirty detail, if anything I didn't think he cared.

But apparently he had and I felt weird even talking about it. He was my husband's brother and the act was so intimate, so personal that it shouldn't have been spoken about between us.

Silence fell between us and Harry took a moment to place his head in his hands. I debated whether or not to let him know that all was well.

While in my internal debate, I soon realized Harry was sobbing. His shoulders moving in choppy breaths, what had gotten into him? Harry had always been a little emotional but never around me.

"Harry are you okay, are you crying?" I asked surprised, dropping to my knees I crouched in front of him.

My hands came to meet his that cradled his head and I tried to make sense of what was going on. It was so erratic I almost thought it was a joke.

"Harry" I urged again hoping he would look up at me to confirm that he was indeed crying.

He finally lifted his head, tears pooling on his cheeks while the outer lining of his eyes turned red. He really was crying and the sight caused my heart to freeze.

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