Night Changes

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Rule Number Twenty-Five: You have to admit when you have hurt someone. Apologize and move on, realizing your not perfect isn't the worst thing.

The week went by rather quickly, Monday morning Tom left with a kiss on my forehead and called every night before he went to bed.

I spent time with my mom going through gifts from the wedding, taking some time to take Gigi to park and Kelly had dropped by to help me pick up things for the redecorating that was about to happen.

It was now Thursday, the day where Harry promised Tom he would drop by to have supper with me. The notion annoyed me, even more so that I now knew Harry would be coming on what was supposed to be our honeymoon.

I was starting to think Tom was a workaholic and I couldn't see myself being second best to a job. The marriage had started on the wrong foot. I spoke to Kelly and my mother about it and the only help they could offer was telling him how I felt.

Work was his first love but I was his wife.

Taking off my wedding rings, I placed them in my dish on my dresser before going out into the kitchen. I decided to go casual tonight, Harry wouldn't tell me where we were going. That was the least of my problems, what would we talk about?

Things had been civil but at times awkward.

The doorbell rang and I knew right away it was him. Opening the door I smiled when I saw the messy haired boy that wore a faded band t-shirt. It had seen better days and should have been thrown out. But that was Harry, never seeing the obvious.

"Hello, my fair lady" he bowed, rolling my eyes I grabbed my purse off the table in the entrance before brushing past him into the hallway.

"Come on weirdo" I called as I continued to walk. He rushed after me, shoes tapping against the floor.

"Where are you taking me?"

A small smile played on his lips, the dimples that one fawned over pulling at his cheeks.

"Well, I thought we would go to a pizza vendor downtown and eat in central park on your favourite bench. You still do that, don't you?" He asked, slipping his dark ray bans up his nose.

The fact that he remembered such a pointless thing about me was amusing. It was something I had done in high school back when carbs weren't a big deal.

"No" I shook my head "I don't".

He hid his mock frown and I quickly changed the subject of my diet. I knew Harry had known about my issues with food but I didn't want to highlight it. After all, he knew a majority of my problems in life.

Coming to the vendor, I reached to grab my money but Harry objected to paying for both pieces. He told cheesy jokes as we made our way to a bench that looked out on to a large field. People played soccer and families had picnics it was a perfect evening. I was grateful that we were going to have a chilled out night, I hadn't had one in a long time.

Harry was warm and I watched his features as he spoke. His mouth a work of art every time he smiled, the mole on the side of his mouth begging to be touched. He had a scar on his chin that I had recently noticed and I wondered where it came from.

"How's married life?" He asked breaking me out of the trance that I was in with his lower face. I was thankful he hadn't realized that I wasn't listening to whatever it was that he went on about.

Placing the pizza back on the paper plate, I sighed hoping to not give too much away.

"It's great so far".

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