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jazmine POV

" when we gone tell gang" kentrell asked, "when ever you want" "but something just dont feel right" i continued "what you mean?" he asked looking at  me "it just feel like something bad about to happen,but it dont matter" i said shrugging it off, "ok" he said "im finna go tho" i said getting up "the mall with emoni we aint been out in a while" i said walking out his room "no kiss,hug"  he said looking at me as i walked out, i walked over to him and kissed him on the lips and walked out "see ya later" i yelled "see ya" he yelled after me 'now all i gotta do is go get emoni' thought i called up emoni to see who house she was at.

"where you at" i asked over the phone "home" she said "okay.

At Emoni House

"come on bitch" i yelled out the window, she still didnt come i just started beeping the horn, and she came out i kept on beeping it just to be goofy "stop lil hoe" she said laughing getting in the car i just laughed 

At The Mall

"where you wanna go first?" i asked "lets go to PINK" she suggested.

"okay lets go" i said walking to PINK 

"what you gone get?" she asked "some more underwear sets and a couple of clothes" i said looking through the clothes and underwear, "yo jazmine" emoni said "yea" i said back giving her my full attention "do you have a feeling in yo gut that some thing bad about to happen?" she asked "yea,i been feeling it all day but i just ignored it" "but lets go to forever 21" i continued because we finished in PINK and just walked around "ok"

After the mall

we were now at home and was at kentrell house "BOOOOOO" i yelled through the house "shut up lil girl' kd said "boy you shut up and fix them thin ass frames thats on ya nasty ass face" i said walking up the stairs "you aint have to do my boy like that tho" ben yelled "well i did" i said back down. I went in kentrell room and seen him layed down on his back,one arm over his face and then the other hand in his pants "BAEBOO!" i yelled "shut up mane"he mumbled i jumped up on his lape and layed down on top of him "get up lil boy" i said sitting up.

"hell no" he said pushing me of him, but i got right back on him to be pushed right off"ok im just gone go to my other nigga that i can be layed up on" i said getting off the bed. But but he pulled me right back down " stop playin wit me mane" he said pulling back on top of him "stop i wanna go to the store boy" i said trying to get off by wiggling "move let me go" i said "no" he said opening his eyes "im trying to go to the store tho" i said "ok" he said and let me go.

i walked down the stairs and seen the gang sitting around just doing what they usually do ben on ig live,baby joe and boomer playing the game,emoni on baby joe lap on her phone,kd on facetime with somebody and 3three on the couch slumped.

"who wanna go to the store with me"  i asked and ben and emoni stood up fast "ME" they both yelled at the same time "bring yall asses then" i said walking out the house with them following me. We just  continued to walk to the store and this black car came down the street slowing down once they got to us and they just continued to go around us and this like thy third time coming around " yo aint this like they third time coming around and slowing down when they get to us?" i asked "hell yeah"ben said "yea"emoni added "yo come on" i said as we started speed walking "YOTHEY SPEEDING UP,RUN!" ben yelled, then we all ran but, a gunshot fired but ben and emoni was already on the ground and i felt a sharp pain in my chest and dropped hard to the ground "JAZMINE" ben and emoni said at the same time,"yo ima be good" i said with tears falling down my face i started balcking in and out "i love all yall, slat tell gang to" i said before i blacked out.


"YO CALL YOUNGBOY" i yelled at a shaking and crying emoni while putting pressure on jazmine wound "o-okay" she said before taking out her phone "come on twin wake up" i said jazmine while shaking her while holding on to her wound, tears just started rolling down my face as some of her blood started sweeping through my hand "call 911 mane" i said "yo what happened" yb said as he ran down the street behind the ambulance.

Emoni POV

"YO CALL YOUNGBOY" ben yelled at me i was shaking and crying everything you can name that was in the book i pulled my phone out and called yb "k-k-kentrell" i said through the phone "yo why you calling me kentrell mane!" he snapped, he dont like when people call him kentrell except jazmine and his family "um-um jazmine got shot" was all i said before i heard three beeps.

NBA youngboy/kentrell/yb

"um-um jazmine got shot" emoni said all i heard before i hung up the phone,put my shoes on and ran the down the stairs and bussed my ass open but i got my ass right back up and ran as fast as i can "damn nigga what you in a rush for" kd said and that was all i heard before i slammed the door and ran down the street.

when i finally got down there i seen ben hold jazmine and emoni shaking and cryin, the ambulance was right in front of me and before i got down there she was already getting picked up. "yo what happened" i said with tears forming in my eyes "a black ruck was just riding pass and while jazmine was ducking to get on the ground the bullet hit her in the chest" ben said.

"who coming in here with her?" the man asked"the three of us" i said while walking to the truck.


wassup yall,how yall feel about this one,i think i did pretty good but can yall tell me how yall feel about this book, thanks and can yall comment,vote and add this to yall stuff, thank you.


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