c. fifteen

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"So what happened?" Toni asked with fear and worry in her voice. I sighed and grabbed a handful Pea's cheesy fries sitting across from me. Smacking my hand away, I ate the last few before telling them the dreadful news.

"Remember that sh*t ass party I went to a few nights back?" I reminded them,  hoping they remembered. "The one with the New York friend?" Fangs slurped his drink loudly. I nodded my head and looked down at my hands on the table. 

"Basically Betty told her mom how their was jingle-jangle being used and thats what the meeting was about. Betty and I were the only ones who didn't take it, and now Mayor McCoy is going to arrest everyone on Monday at Southside High." I briefly told them, shrinking down in my seat. I could see from the corner of my eye Fangs and Pea both going red in the face from anger. 

Pea slammed his wrist on the table loudly causing both me and the table beside us to flinch. "What!" He shouted in anger. "Serpents don't even deal that sh*t" Fangs added and I nodded my head, sitting back up.  "I tried telling them that, but they are too stubborn and didn't believe me." 

Fangs and Pea were now arguing about it, and Toni was looking at me with nervous look. We both knew that this topic would cause the boys to get heated up. 

Placing my hand on top of Pea's, he slowly went back to a more settled and stabled version of himself. The group tried to talk and discuss it in a civil manner, but the more I told them about the meeting, the worst they got. 

We kept talking about it for a few minutes longer before Fangs got a text, making his face light up. "It's an anonymous booty call" he smirked at us before heading towards to door, where the bell rang above it. 

We all looked at each other before laughing and cringing. Pea then also left, saying he was getting annoyed by the smell of cheese cooking. My lips turned in to a pout when he got up and left, upset he was leaving. 

Following me outside to my car, Toni walked beside me and continued to smirk at me. "What?" I asked her confused. She shrugged her shoulders and opened her side of the door as I started the car up. "Tell me" I whined, wanting to know.

Toni giggled and turned the radio on. "Oh nothing. Just the whole hand holding, and teasing and eating each other's fries" Toni started to list bunch of things while I shook my head.  "And?" I answered her confused. 

"And? And you like, like him. It's so obvious, the three blind mice could even see it. And its not just you, hun, with the feelings." Toni slurped her drink after she finished her sentence. I laughed at what she said.  "No way in a million years do I like the giant, nor does he like my annoying ass."

Toni smirked at me from the side, holding her drink in her hand. She was giving me a looks to say that she knew I was lying. But I wasn't. 

Like she was reading my mind, Toni said the first smart thing I'd ever heard her say. "You know what it probably is. It's probably one of those things were if you don't say it aloud, you don't realise. Ya know?"

Almost crashing into the parked car I front of us, I slammed on the brakes and looked at her. She was petrified at my actions before her expression slowly turned back into a smirk with a knowingly look. I was staring at her with a shocked face while she raised her eyebrows upend down. 

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