Chapter 6

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---Alex POV

“Alexxxxxx wake up!” I felt someone bouncing on my bed. Thinking it was Lex as usual, I yanked the cover up making the person fall flat to the floor.

“Ouch Alex” I heard Jessica moan, oh shit.

I leaned over the edge of my bed to see her sprawled out on the floor. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s not funny” she glared at me.

“Sure it isn’t” I said getting up.

I began taking off my clothes to take a shower, “Eww Alex” she dashed out of my room. I chuckled climbing into the shower.

So its been a few days since Jessica moved in and things were going great; we haven’t heard from her dad since the day I gave him the restriction papers.

Her friends are now basically my friends and we all hang out a lot at school. At first it was only about trying to get her in my bed, but she’s really a cool person; minus the attitude and we make really great friends.

I got out the shower and combed my hair. It was growing very quickly but it was still a bit too short to cut just yet, hopefully by the weekend I’ll figure out what to do with it.

I got dressed and threw the bag pack over my shoulder heading downstairs.

“Morning” i greeted my father and Lex deep in conversation.

“Hey, we were just talking about you” I raised a brow

“You seem a lot happier now that Jessica’s around” my dad continued.

“Yeah she’s pretty cool”

“Great… so anyways are you working again this Christmas?”

“I guess nothing better to do” I began chewing on a toast

I sat in one of the chairs at the table waiting for Jessica. What are the odds that she woke me up and I ended up waiting on her.

Lex eyed me all through breakfast, I was literally pleading with fate so Jessica could run down the stairs, and when she finally did; I quickly grabbed my stuff and left.

Lex and I haven’t talked since we had that argument earlier this week in the cafeteria. I was telling him about principal Jacobs and I needed him to help me do some research, but as usual he went all crazy on me.


“Why are we even looking for her when she left us?”

“C’mon Lex, I just want to know who she is, I don’t expect a whole family reunion. I don’t want that… I only want to know why--”

“Why she left? You cant be serious! She left cuz she didn’t want us, I’m tired of going over this with you. Why don’t you grow the hell up and accept that”

I nodded and walked over to jessica’s table.

Not only did he destroy any hope of finding her, but he made me feel like shit and unwanted. Everytime we talk about her he gets like this and I don’t know why. Then after our little argument, he decided to force me to eat again; in front of the entire table. I wasn’t embarrassed but it was uncalled for.

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