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"Gemma!" Waliyha yelled happily as she answered the door. She opened it so that Zayn and I could step through into the the house. "I'm so glad to finally meet you in person! We're so happy you're here! Even if it is just for a day." She pulled me into a hug before releasing me to yell, "guys, Gemma is here!"

"Nice to see you too!" Zayn said, affronted. 

"I missed you," she replied, giving Zayn a hug. 

"Gemma!" I looked to the stairs and saw Zayn's mother! "It's so good to finally meet you! I'm Trisha." She gave me a quick hug and stepped back. "I hear you took a fall a few days ago."

I blushed and looked at my feet. "I'm a bit of a klutz," I admitted.

She laughed. "Well come be a klutz in the kitchen. I've just made some samosas."

Zayn threw up his hands with exasperation as his sister Saffa came running down the stairs and greeted me with a hug. "Hi, I'm Saffa."

"I'm glad you guys are all so excited to see me," Zayn grumbled. 

Trisha laughed and pulled him into a hug. "We saw you less than a week ago. But I'm glad you're home, baby. Your father ran out with Doniya to get some ice. They should be back any minute."

"Maybe they'll be excited that I'm here," he mumbled. He took my hand in his and led me to the kitchen where his mom had just set down a tray of a delicious smelling pastries.

"I smell Samosas," a male voice said from the back door. Zayn's father emerged followed by Zayn's older sister carrying a bag of ice. "You must be Gemma. Welcome." I stood and shook his hand and Doniya gave me a quick hug, having just stuck the ice in the freezer. 

"I'm Doniya," she said. She planted a kiss on her brother's cheek and sat beside him. 

Zayn's mother had made some pasta for dinner and I couldn't help but smile as we all sat and ate together. Their gentle teasing of each other made me miss my own family dinners. Zayn must have sensed that I was getting a bit nostalgic because he gave my thigh a gentle squeeze beneath the table. His hand moved up to my stomach for a brief second before returning back to his side. 

"You look like you have something on your mind, darling," Trisha said to Zayn. "What's bothering you."

"Nothing is bothering me," he replied automatically. "But we've got some news."

"Are the boys coming over?" Waliyha asked quickly. "Because if they are I need to run upstairs and put something cuter on right away!"

"No." Zayn rolled his eyes at her and she stuck her tongue out in response. "We're going to have a baby."

"A baby?" Doniya yelled. "You're only nineteen! You do realize that your life is over now? You have to put her and this baby first. Before the boys, the music, everything. You're just a teenager and you're having a baby," she wailed.

"And yelling at me does not change it!" He snapped. 

"Sweetheart," Trisha said, laying a hand on his cheek. "She didn't mean to upset you. It's just a bit of a shock."

"We were surprised too, believe me," I said, finally working up the courage to say something. 

"How far along are you?" She asked, smiling at me. 

"I haven't had an official doctor's appointment yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm about four weeks."

"I'm going to be a grandmother,"  she crooned, clapping her hands with delight. "Saffa, love, you're going to be an aunt!"

"Hooray!" She cheered. "You should name it after me."

"You two most be really tired," Yasser said. "Zayn, why don't you show her to your room?"

"Good idea," Zayn agreed. He took my hand and led me upstairs. "Waliyha's been staying in here since I moved out," he explained when I raised an eyebrow at the mascara on the dresser. "She was sick of sharing with Saffa."

"So this is where you grew up," I commented, sitting on the bed.

"Born and raised!"

"On the playground is where you spent most of your days?" I teased. 

"I can do that whole rap," Zayn said proudly. "I'm pretty much a boss."

"You can boss me anytime," I said with a wink.

Zayn had his arms around me in an instant. "You're very tempting." His voice was like silk in my ear and I shuddered with desire. "But it has been a long day, and we have to wake up early to drive back to London."

"I don't need much sleep to function." I waggled my eyebrows. 

"You need plenty of sleep!" He said, patting my belly. 

"You're really excited about this aren't you?" I asked. "You're honestly not upset?"

"This is the best thing that has ever happened to me," he replied, giving me a chaste kiss on the lips. "You're the best thing that has ever happened to me."

"How can you say that?" I whispered. "All I've done is cause trouble. First I set Twitter on fire by wearing your shirt. Then I started dating the most desirable boy in England, pissing of your management. And now I'm pregnant and you're going to be a teenage father."

"That's not how I see it," he responded. 

"How is there any other way to see it?" I sighed, lying down.

Zayn laid beside me, and wrapped me in his arms, pulling my head to his chest. "First, you fell asleep in my arms, helping me to take care of a best friend in need. Then you agreed to be my girlfriend even though my fans were sending you death threats. You've shown my management team that they don't get to control every part of my life. Now, we've made a baby, and I get to love it even though I'm only nineteen." 

"I love you," was all I could respond with. 

He pressed his lips to my temple. "I love you too, Gemma."

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