Chapter One: What Do You Want From Me?

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'Seriously, good luck marrying me.' - Chandler Bing, The One With The Nap Partners


"Mon, I have told you tons of times, I am sick and tired of this," I complained.

"What do you want Chandler?" Monica argued back. Man, I hated it when we were fighting.

"I don't know, I just feel like I'm busy 24/7. I just want a break! I mean, from taking care of the babies to work, I just don't think I can handle it."

"Chandler, all you do is complain all about your work and how you would say you've done heaps of work and you actually haven't done an-y-thing."

"Yes I have! I've..." I looked around the room and tried to find something that I've done. "You know what, it doesn't matter, as long as I am helping the family with the income, I am helping with something."

"But what about me Chandler? You don't think that I try my hardest too?" I looked at her and she had tears in her eyes. "I mean, I stay home, and look after our children while you go out to work and hang out with your guys there, and when you return home after some beer, you go to sleep while I have to work night shift at the restaurant."

"I never forced you to work like that, you were the one who said that we needed the money."

"But we do, Chandler. Have you forgotten what you said to me when you proposed?" Oh gosh, here we go again. "You promised that you would do anything to make me happy." She was full on crying now and was struggling to speak. Now I know that I should've calmed her down and hug her, but I was just so angry, so frustrated with my life.

"Look Mon, I never wanted you to feel like there's so much pressure, but I am just so sick and tired of this." I rubbed my forehead. 

"Chandler what have you got to complain?!" Monica was furious with me now. This is it. I've done it, I've gone past the line again. I was lost for words. But I was angry, angry at her that I put so much effort and she gets to win.

"I just wish that I grew apart from Ross after college so that I wouldn't have to deal with this.." I said under my breath. Unfortunately, I could tell Monica heard me and I could tell she was going to burst out crying. "You know, you better be careful what you wish for.." she said in between sniffs.

She went to get some tissues and wiped her tears away. "You know what? I'm just going to go to my room, and you think about your decisions and what you are going to do." With that she walked into her room, slammed the door while bursting into tears and left me feeling guilty. I was just left in the room not knowing what to do.


I was still pretty angry at her but I needed to calm down so I decided to go across to Joey's apartment where Ross, Joey, Phoebe and Rachel were hanging out. I guess they heard us fighting and left. I went over and sat on the barcalounger. Ross was the first to talk.

"What was it this time?"

"Oh, it's nothing, it was just another stupid fight," I replied glumly.

Joey walked over to where Ross and I were standing and sat on the armrest of the barcalounger.

"Dude, that's like your..." he stopped and tried to count how many fghts Monica and I have had. He gave up soon enough - it was Joey. "Whatever the number, you've had like so many fights this week."

"I know, I know.." I replied, still angry about what we were talking about. "I just don't know what to do."

"What was the fight about this time?" Rachel came over and leaned on top of the barcalounger.

"I don't know.. it was all a blur. Something to do with money?"

"You know that I'm will hunt you down and kill you if you do anything if you hurt my sister." Ross threatened.

I was going to laugh, but I just wasn't in the mood. "It's not my fault, I mean, she was the one who started it."

"Oh, please Chandler, what did she say to you?" Phoebe was the one to come now.

"She, you know, told me that I wasn't doing enough work and yet I still go to work like any father would and earn money."

"Yes, but she looks after the babies and works in the restaurant. You gotta see the bigger picture here," Rachel stroked my arm.

I stood up from the barcalounger. "I don't care! I still deserve some respect and still, I try my hardest!" I protested. Couldn't anyone see it from my point of view?

"Chandler, we're just saying that Monica tries her hardest and that she shouldn't be stressed over this. You should be the bigger person here Chandler," I heard Rachel say.

 "Yeah Chandler, my sister couldn't have fallen into you for your jokes.." Ross chuckled at his own joke and I just stared at him blankly which made him make a nervous giggle and stop.

 "Chandler you have to understand that Monica is right, and that she is really working her heart out!" Phoebe commented. Why was everybody against me?

"You know what? I've had enough of this. Why are you all on Monica's side? I don- I don't need this right now," I replied to all of them. "There's only so much that I can do!"

With that, I stormed out of the room and slammed the door. I heard Joey and Ross shouting, but he was cut by the slam of the door.


"Chandler Bing you come back here right now! You better not leave my little sister or I will kill you!"

I heard the door open just as I was about to go downstairs, Joey caught up with me.

"Chandler, you're Monica's husband, and my best friend. So, please, stay.."

I knew that he was pleading me, but I was just so stressed and angry. I shook my head slightly.

"I can't deal with this right now, Joe. I have to leave."

I took off down the stairs and left Joey trying to catch me, but I guess he gave up. I ran over to my car and drove away as fast as I could.


Joey returned back to his apartment, saddened by the fact that his best friend left him.

"So, what happened?" Ross asked.

"He left.. he said that he couldn't deal with this right now.."

"Oh, God.." Rachel was speechless. "I guess someone has to tell Monica.."

"No, no we don't." Ross argued.

"Ross, Monica's going to find out soon enough."

"Then we'll just have to try and avoid that won't we?"

"We'll just have to find him, I'm sure we will be able to. He probably just freaked out again or something just like on his wedding day." Phoebe suggested.

"I'll stay here and look after Monica," Rachel said. "Make sure that she doesn't find out as well as calm her down."

"Great, Joey, Phoebe and I will look everywhere, we'll do everything we can to find him." Ross took his coat as they made their way to the door.

Rachel was left leaning on the table with her hands on her face.  "Oh good God Chandler.. what have you done..?" And she made her way to Monica's room to comfort her.


So... how did I do? That's the first chapter finished! It killed me to write Monica and Chandler fighting as well as Chandler fighting with his friends. So I hope you liked it and that it also killed you too when they were fighting. And now you know why I said that this story would probably never happen - Monica and Chandler wouldn't fight.. that long.

Please COMMENT/VOTE/FOLLOW. I will appreciate it so much! Thanks for reading and I hope you continue on either when I have updated it or now! Thanks once again!

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