my boss' arrogant son chapter 3

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Put it this way, i stayed up way too late last night then slept in for work, so i got up at like half eight two hours after my alarm was SUPPOSED to go off, then i had to rush about like i'd lost my freaking head all morning, got a taxi into work for 9am and didn't even have time for a full fag(cigarette) ya, was in a shit as fuck mood all morning lol

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It's half past 10 and I'm still stuck here. All I've done for the last 5 hours is pour their bloody coffee and have a bitch-fit because I'm missing all the soaps.

At the rate those thick bastards through there are going, I'm not gonna see my bed until well past midnight and I'll still be expected bright and early tomorrow morning. At least I've made sure to load them all with so much coffee their eyes won't shut until next week. Yeah, we'll see who's all bright eyed tomorrow shall we boys?

I really need to get out of here though, I don't know how much more online shopping my bank account can take right now.

Slamming my head down on my desk, the phone next to me started ringing loudly making me want to chuck it out the window.

Who would be calling the office at this time, unless it was Alan's sly attempt to catch me skiving off. Or maybe it was one of those annoying as fuck telesales people who practically stalk you.

Either way, it needed to be answered.

"Good evening, Robson and Smiths," I said in my monotone 'leave me the fuck alone' voice.

"God sake Emma, what are you still doing there?" Leanne's voice came down the speaker.

"Don't even ask," I sighed, then whispered in case any of the nosy asses were listening, "They've kept me here to make their fucking coffee."

"You're kidding right?" she asked unsurely.

"I wish," I told her.

"Sucks for you. So what you doing tomorrow night?" she laughed.

"Nothing, why?" I replied, wondering what crazy idea she'd thought up this time.

"Well," she started, dragging out the word. "Plan B's playing at Fat Sam's and guess who managed to score tickets."

"No way!" I exclaimed. "No freaking way, how'd you manage that? Scratch that I don't care. Oh my god, have I told you how much I love you lately?"

Seriously, Plan B are totally shit-hot right now.

"Nah, but you can make up for it tomorrow - remember it's double vodka and coke," she told me jokingly.

I started laughing as the door flew open and the two devils themselves stormed out of the room. I probably had that whole 'deer caught in the headlights' expression plastered all over my face - but I like to think I covered it up really well.

"Yes no problem Mrs Bruce I'll get that sent out for you straight away tomorrow morning," I said in a professional tone before slamming the phone down.

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