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"Look, there is a reason she fought like hell to get away from them. None of anyone's questions fazed her for three days, but when I ask what they did to her, she looks away? We can't just send her back." Bucky looks between Captain and Tony. They were all on the same page but didn't know how to go about the situation. "I've been in her shoes."

"How are we supposed to get her away? They want her," Tony said and sighed.

"Bucky's right. We have to get her away. There is something they aren't telling us. Per usual." Captain's growing frustration with Shield didn't help the problem.

"We can move her to the Avengers compound upstate. That should buy us some time." Tony led the two back to the interrogation room to collect the girl. When he opened the door, she was sitting how she was left.

"How do you feel about being transferred away from Shield?" Tony sat down in front of her. She looks in between them all as if this was a joke.

"Do you want to go back?" Cap then asked her. She gave in and shook her head no.

"Alright then, it's settled. We will move you upstate tomorrow morning first thing. Would you like an actual room to sleep in?" Cap asked and pushed himself off of the door frame. She slightly nodded yes.

Captain and Bucky led her to her room. Once they reached it, Cap opened the door for her and stood next to it.

"This is your room. Friday, set an alarm to go off if she leaves this room." Cap had a hard expression on his face meaning he wasn't joking. He was still very upset about being frozen again. Cap left the room without any final glances leaving Bucky alone with her. As he began to leave, she spoke.

"Thank you," she said. She had heard him convince the others to help her instead of sending her back. Bucky offered a small smile to her. "My name is Eve."

"Eve?" Bucky is obviously surprised that he, out of all of the Avengers, was able to get her to talk. "Nice to meet you, Eve." He smiled at her then walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

In the middle of the night, Eve stirred to the muffles of shouting. Once she realized what she heard, she sat up and tried to hear it better. After a couple of seconds, she was able to find it was Bucky. Eve shifted her view to see him laying on his bed, covers thrown to the floor, and his veins popping out on his forehead and neck. The sight was truly frightening.

Seconds later, Cap rushes into Bucky's room and sits at his bedside. Cap grabs his shoulders and shakes him while talking to him through Bucky's shouting.

Bucky wakes, tenses all over while grabbing Cap's arms, then relaxes. Silently Bucky apologizes and Cap quietly leaves the room minutes later.

Bucky sits up in his bed and leans against the headboard. He hasn't had one of those in a while. He thought he was leaving them behind finally.

As Bucky reaches over for a plum on his nightstand, Eve shifts back to her own room. It's still on lockdown so she can't go anywhere without sounding an alarm.

Eve couldn't go back to sleep after the excitement of what she witnessed. She stands and walks over to the window. Nausea hits her when she sees how high up she is, but she also sees four black SUV's coming down the street below.

"Twenty seconds to target." The men inside the vehicle get ready as she runs to the door. She pushes it open, sounding the alarm to wake everyone in the building. Eve stands in the hall and waits as all the Avengers come out of their rooms. Bucky is the first and in front of her in an instant.

"What are you doing?" The rest make it out of their rooms. They all stare at her, confused as to why she isn't running.

"They are here," Eve says and Bucky looks at Cap.

"Invasion on ground level," Friday speaks over the intercoms.

"Get her out. To the roof," Tony yells and leads Eve forward towards his private elevator. Bucky, Cap, Natasha, and Wanda follow closely behind.

"Breech on level three," Friday says again.

"Close everything off, don't let them any higher. I will be down shortly." Tony commands as the group makes it to the roof. A quinjet waits for them there. "Good luck," Tony says and backs away from the jet as Natasha begins to take off.

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