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Hello my darlings, my favourite part of the Twilight Saga are the Volturi, especially the Kings.

Now I know it's a bit shallow but when I saw who played Caius I immediately fell in love. Hence this monstrosity.

My original characters and their plotline is the only thing that belongs to me, everything else goes to their respective owners.

Also, this will be a sort of an experiment for me, since I've never written anything in the first pov, so please try and be patient.

As for the warnings:

1. Muruder (we are talking about the Volturi here)

2. Abuse (almost all of the Cullens have had some form of abuse in their human life)

4. Violence (fights, battles, etc. After all the Volturi are executioners)

5. Swearing (that will probably be limited to sexual intercourse but still)

6. Mature Content

I believe that, that's it. I hope you don't hate this story too much.

Lots of love....


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