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I feel like I'm running out of air. I hate parties, people give me anxiety, the lights flashing blind me, the loud music makes me not even hear my own thoughts, the smell of alcohol and weed make me dizzy and there is no other place like parties to feel lonely, all I always do is stand at the corner of the room trying to see my way out. Devin told me he was gonna be here and he failed me, I don't know why I keep calling him my best friend if he is always leaving me alone.

"Why did you come here if you don't feel comfortable?" Someone speaks beside me.

"Huh," I mumble, trying to see his face through the dark.

"I said, why are you here?" He repeats.

"None of your business," I say trying to get out of this house. I don't even know why this boy is talking to me, no one ever talks to me, at least they want to ask me something about school.

"Hold on." He says grabbing my arm as we are already outside the house.

"What do you want now?" I ask turning around and finally seeing his eyes. He is way taller than me, and I'm 5'9, he must be part of the basketball team.

"Do you have a car?"

"What? Why? Do you need a ride?" I ask confused. He looks rich and popular, he must own a car.

"Well, now that you're asking, I might." He smiles.

"So, do you think I'm gonna let a stranger sit on my car?" I ask and he smiles again. "No way, go ask a friend, I bet you got thousands," I say walking to my car, I can hear his footsteps behind me.

"Wait, I'm not a stranger. Don't you know my name?" He asks really surprised.

"No sweetie, you ain't that relevant in my life."

"I'm Kyle Kuzma"

"Nice," I say getting into my car and I hear the passenger door being open and then a tall figure sits beside me. "What in the world? Get out!" I yell at him.

"C' mon just take me home before my mom kills me! I have a game tomorrow and I'm not supposed to be partying" He begs grabbing my arm, I guess this is getting usual for him.

"How did you get here then?"

"A friend brought me but he went home with a girl. Please just take me home, I'll do anything in return!"

"Fine but you will owe me a ride next time I need it," I reply, still not comfortable with him. "Where is your house? You know what, just put the address on Google Maps." I give him my phone.

Your destination is 12 minutes away.

I put my phone on the aux and start playing Drake, my favorite artist.

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