Part 6

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You were the one who shot Rose?!" I asked yelling clearly upset. " Oh that was her name?" He said laughing clearly enjoying himself. "Why the fuck did you shoot her she did nothing wrong?" I asked him, I was upset. "Well maybe because I saw you shooting all my men!?" He yelled power and anger radiating off his voice. "Well you guys began shooting first!" I screamed at him, the audacity he has.

I don't think I can hate anyone as much as I hate him


"What gang are you leader of?" I tried calming down, I was just so angry. that means also that some of his men shot me and Rose. "The golden swan." He said also trying to calm down, most likely because I did. The golden swans, interesting but not as interesting as mine. His gang is second most powerful but has it's flaws.

"Now which gang are you apart of?" He asked me, I pressed down a laugh. Apart of? try leader of. 

"I won't tell you, I will never tell you." I said to him, he smirked his idiotic smirk. "I think you will, whether you like it or not." He said like he was going to do something. He leaned closer to me, he bowed down to be right by my face. He was like 6'5 I was 5'4 you see the difference.

His cigarette breath blowing in my face, he had obviously been smoking recently. I try avoid cringing of the breath. "I will find out what your hiding Princess,whether you like it or not." HE said in w a whisper.

He leaned closer to my face stopping at my lips, my heart skipped a beat. He filled the empty between us, he put his right hand on my waist and the left behind my neck. 

I leaned into the kiss, it felt amazing. I mess his hair up, making it loo like bed hair. I pull away from him, I still don't like him. He's an good kisser but an awful person, well I am one to but it is different. 

"Leave me alone Cayden." I said walking out of the janitors closet, leaving him there stunned. 

Cayden's pov 

I don't know why I kissed her, I don't like her. I am a bad guy I shouldn't be with her, she is just so beautiful. Her beautiful long brown hair, her makeup is just enough. She is the girl of my dreams, I was a little sad when she pulled away, but I know I won't leave her alone.

I don't know what's happening, I get this butterflies in my stomach when I see her, her smile, her eyes, her everything. I may be a bad boy but then she will be my bad girl. (Do not even think of it dirty readers! I am watching you!)

I walk out of the janitors closet and go to find Jake. 

Skyler's pov

I got into class I was super late, but I really couldn't care less. "Detention!" The teacher yelled as soon I got inside of the classroom, like what? "Okay." I said to her with wide eyes, I took the detention note from her. 

It wasn't like I was actually going, luckily this was the last class for the day since Cayden kept me for one and after this is my free period. The class went on for way to long and boring, it may have been the most boring class I have ever had. 

As soon the bell rang I got out of there, i could not spend another second inside of that classroom it was hell. I scrambled through the full hallways, it was full of students and apparently it was often quite empty in the hallways.  

I got outside after some struggling, but I made it. I got out of the prison! Yes school is a prison, for those who like school what is wrong with you?

I heard a voice call  my name I turned around to see Emilia running towards me. "What is it?!" I yelled, but I don't think she could hear me. I watched her as she began to run, not the fast kind of running it was slow, like really slow. 

She came at me almost tackling me to the ground out of breath. "Why the heck are you out of breath!? It was legit ten meters!" I asked her shocked, and with ten meters I was exaggerating. 

"D-d you want to hang out today?"  She asked trying to catch her breath, seriously how is she that skinny and out of shape?

 "Okay, we can hang out at my place." I said to her, she smiled.  "Okay." She said in a kitten like voice, she really did sound like a kitten. "We'll take my car!" I said really dramatically waving my keys.

We got to my car and Emilia was gawking at it shocked. "How the fuck can you afford an Lamborghini!?"  She asked or yelled,  she must think I have rich parents or something.

 "I have my ways." I said leaving out that my ways were illegal. We were just driving to my house blasting music, it was awesome we just clicked together. We arrived at my house and she was in shock, she knew I would be rich because of my Lamborghini but this was something else.

"Are you rich or something?!"She asked as I nodded. We walked inside just talking when I stopped to look at this annoying ass person. "What the fuck do you want Cayden!?" I asked him, since I specifically said that he had to leave me alone.


HELLO! It's me mario, no? Okay....

Well I just edited this and I am loosing even more brain cells, I feel bad for my future self when reading this crap, I don't know why you guys bother. But whatever.

Bye bishes! Stay a hoe!

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