Please 2! 6 - No longer a secret

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"Er... Yuuto...? What are you doing?" Seiji asked when he entered the bedroom.

His boyfriend was lying on the bed, completely covered with the blanket.

"Can't you tell that I'm hiding?" Yuuto's muffled and annoyed voice came from under the blanket.

Seiji sat on the bed next to the lump of fabric that was his boyfriend. Then he caressed the cosplayer. "Yeah, that I can tell. But I was asking why."

Without saying a word, Yuuto put out a hand and pointed to his laptop on the desk.

Smiling and with his curiosity growing, the painter looked between the computer and the hand. Then walked to it and touched the mouse to lit up the screen. The browser was open on Yuuno's blog, showing a few photos from the summer comic market. There was one of Seiji as the blue pirate as well.

"What's wrong with it?" a confused Seiji asked, turning back to the lump on the bed that was his boyfriend.

No matter how the painter looked at it, there was nothing wrong with the photos. Specially the last one, where he was carrying Yuuto as a princess. I look... cool. Even dressed in that cosplay, Seiji admitted, trying to suppress his smile. But I'll never say that to him. He'll make me cosplay again.

"This last one is particularly awesome, if I might say."

"Yeah, it is. I can't deny!" Yuuto shouted, curling himself even more. "You look so good it made me fall in love with you even more!"

Seiji couldn't help but smile. "Then why do you sound angry?"

"Read the comments!" The lump on the bed trembled.

Holding his urge to chuckle at the situation, Seiji turned to the screen once again. He scrolled down and as he read, his smile grew thin. The last photo had more comments than the others together. And everyone was asking the same thing. Yuuno-tan, are you really a guy? Is that your boyfriend?

Seiji bit his lips. He turned slowly to the lump. "I feel like it's my fault..."

"Yeah, it is. But I don't blame you! The situation got out of hand! And I really loved when you carried me like a princess! The sex was too good that night. I couldn't walk the next morning!"

Half proud, half guilty, Seiji scrolled down the comment section. I can't tell if they're mad or not... nor if they care more about Yuuno being a guy or have a boyfriend...

But then, after thousands of similar comments, the content changed a bit.

Even if Yuuno-chan is a guy, she's still the cutest and the best cosplayer!

Yeah, I agree. Yuuno-tan is the best, no matter her gender.

Yuuno-tan for life! Even if she has a dick, I don't care!

"Hey, Yuuto. Did you read all the comments?" Seiji asked.

"No! There's no reason why! I bet it's all the same." Yuuto pulled the blanket closer.

"Well, then let me read a few. It's gonna make you feel better." Seiji unplugged the laptop and brought it to the bed, sitting next to Yuuto. "Doesn't matter if Yuuno-chan is a guy. She's still my idol."

The blanket stopped trembling.

"I love you, Yuuno-tan. Boy or girl, doesn't matter. Cute is justice."

The blanket became a bit looser.

"I don't care if Yuuno-chan is a boy. I can't believe she has a boyfriend!"

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